Rollerblades for Women

Are you interested in learning how to inline skate but not sure where to start? Perhaps you already know how to skate and are looking to upgrade your current inline skates. No matter what your skill level is has an amazing selection of inline skates for women.
Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Womens Inline Skates
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Roces PIC TIF Womens Inline Skates
K2 VO2 S 90 Pro Womens Inline Skates
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Rollerblade Zetrablade RTL Unisex Inline Skates
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Fit-Tru Cruze 84 Pink Womens Inline Skates
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What's the best inline skate brand? is proud to offer skates to fit into any budget. Whether you are a beginner to inline skates or are looking to upgrade your current set, we have the perfectly prices pair for you. We carry a wide variety of brands for the following inline skate categories:

The best brand for you depends on which skate category your decide to try. We have plenty of great brands to support your goals. Plus any orders over $99 enjoy free shipping!

Is my skate size same as my shoe size?

Not necessarily, often your street size will be different than your rollerblade size. Before making your purchase, reference the size guide tutorial to ensure you have the best fit. Keep in mind that all skates will have a break in period. A boot liner should be snug on your foot, but not tight. If your skates have auto fit liners, they will be made out of gel pads, allowing them to adjust to your feet during each use. 

Find the right inline skates for you

How do I decide which style is right for me? It depends on your goals as a skater. Beginners to inline skates tend to start with a set of recreational skates. These inline skates are very user friendly, as they offer more stability while you find your balance. 

If your plans involve learning how to do extreme tricks and jumps, aggressive skates have a durable frames designed to handle hard landings. Fitness skates are designed for skaters that intend on skating often, they are considered a performance version of recreational type skates. Roller hockey boots are designed to fit similar to ice hockey boots and allow for easy maneuverability.

Urban skating is a mash up of aggressive and recreation skating, the boot on these skates is made for tricks while the frame is shorter to help you take corners with ease. Keep in mind that bearings will take a beating during extreme tricks and will have to be replaced more often. 

Are rollerblades for women expensive?

Wondering how much do inline skates cost? Not to worry, we have plenty of ways to help you save money while shopping for the perfect pair of inline skates. We have a great selection of used skates in our store. These skates are in excellent condition, most look brand new and still need to be broken in. Sizes will be limited, so be sure to check back often as our inventory is updated regularly. Shop our used inline skates here

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Inline skates vs roller skates

I'm trying to decide between learning how to rollerblade or roller skate. Is one better than the other? Between the two, which method is easier to learn? The rollerblade verses roller skate topic has been long debated but there isn't a clear answer. So how to decide which is the best style for me?

Go for a test skate

Head to your local roller rink and try them for yourself. Try a set of inlines and a pair of quads to see which is easier for you. One method might be easier for you to find your balance than the other. Each set of skate boots will offer different types of support. Decide which feels right for you. 

Inline skating benefits

Does rollerblading help you lose weight? Is rollerblading a good workout? Can I get tone from inline skating? Yes! Spending time on your inline skates is a great cardio workout that can help you with weight loss goals. Skating is easier on the joints in comparison to running and a better complete workout in comparison to cycling! 

Have more fun than the gym!

If you rollerblade often you will definitely see the results. Want to talk numbers? If you rollerblade for 30 minutes that can burn approximately 260 calories! Skating is also a fun method to work off stress. Some folks say that spending time on their inline skates helps them center their thoughts. 

City skating? Wear a helmet!

When you rollerblade outdoors helmets should be used, especially when attempting new skills, or speed skating. We offer protective gear for purchase in our shop as well. Even advanced skaters fall from time to time, it's better to be safe and use protective gear, your bones will be grateful. Our gear is light weight, and breathable. Stay safe without sacrificing comfort!

All the wheels

We have a great selection of rollerblade wheels to ensure you have a smooth ride. Wheel hardness is measured in durometer, the higher the number the harder the wheels. If you want to rollerblade outdoors get a harder wheel as they will soften on the hot concrete. 

Does wheel size make a difference?

Yes, wheel size matters as much as durometer does. Recreation skates wheel size will usually be around 70-80mm. If you are looking for speed, go for a larger wheel. However, if you need more agility go with small wheels. Here at we have an amazing selection of wheels to match your goals, check them out here. We also carry bearings for when your skates need a little maintenance. 

Do you carry women's ice skates?

Yes! carries both hockey and figure skates. Our ice skates are made with light weight frames to keep you competitive. Check out our women's ice skates here. 

Will you ship my skates?

Yes! We can ship and any orders over $99 enjoy free shipping. What if I need my skates fast? We also offer reasonably priced expedited shipping. 

Help! I still have questions

Not to worry, our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Our support team can be reached at 833.238.8800. 

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