Boys Roller Skates

Is your child interested in roller skating? How exciting! Roller skating a a great way to keep your kids active. It's exercise disguised as a fun activity. If your little's participating in other sports, this form of fitness during their off season will maintain their endurance. carries a full range of youth sizes in stock in a wide assortment of color options. Whether your little is a beginner or an advanced skater we have the top brands to match their style.

Our featured styles are:

Beginner roller skates for kids

The search for your child's first pair of skate is exciting yet can be a bit overwhelming. Which skates are the best for beginners? What is good age to put on wheels? Is skating safe for kids?

While there isn't a quick answer to the perfect age to start rolling around on wheels, as kids all develop at different ages, some are ready to roll as young as 3 years old. Some preschoolers may have better balance than others. If your child is able to run around the house and is able to balance on each foot, they might be ready to roll. If not, wait till they have a developed better balance before you shop for a pair of skates. We understand your safety concerns and carry protective gear ranging from colorful helmets to pads. 

Also search for a roller rink in your area, they might offer free lessons with the price of admission. Most rinks will even host themed sessions. These sessions are fun fitness time for the whole family.  

Sizing Children's roller skates

How do I know what quad roller skate size my child is in? How do adjustable roller skaters work ? Great questions! When shopping we suggest using the sizing tutorials by each brand to get the best fit.  Adjustable skates will have the option to change to a few different sizes, as they are designed to grow with you. These skates are a quick  fix for young growing feet without breaking the bank. 

Inline skates

Shopping for inline skates? In addition to quad roller skates we also carry a large variety of youth inlines as well. We also have used quad and inline skates on our site in practically new condition. We know how fast kids grow and change sizes very often, which can get expensive fast. An easy way to save is to buy used. We have plenty of brands in stock in a range of sizes. Our used inventory is updated often, be sure to look back frequently to find the skates you need. 

Junior Roller Derby

Is your skater thinking of joining derby? That's exciting! Derby is an amazing confidence booster and a quick way to make a lot of new friends. Whether your little is new to derby or has been in a league for seasons we have the gear to keep them competitive. offers the best youth derby quads at an affordable price. We also carry protective gear in shop to protect kids from injury. 

Customer Service

Not sure how to sort through the size guides and would like some help? Have a quick question?  Wondering what type of wheel to get? Let our customer support team help, we're here to talk Monday-Friday 833.238.8800. 

If you are local to Michigan, please stop by the shop, we are always looking to make new friends. 

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