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I'm shopping for new rollerblade wheels. How do I know which is right for me? Are there certain details I should know before I shop? Inline skate wheels can directly impact your performance. Here are factors that should be considered while shopping...

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Street Dog 76mm/82A Inline Skate Wheels - 8 Pack
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  • Hardness
  • Profile
  • Wheel type
  • Wheel size

Wheels are measured in millimeters (mm) and durometer ratings, which will indicate hardness. Does size make a difference in performance? Both size and durometer matter and can directly impact your speed, agility, and overall stability. 

What determines how much of the wheel touches the skating surface? The profile of each model will be slightly different to support the need of each specific skate category. carries great brands for the following categories include Aggressive, Fitness, Recreational, Roller Hockey, and Urban. To read more click here. The wider the profile the more stability you will have, whereas the narrow profiles are better suited for speed. carries an amazing selection of brand name inline skate wheel sets to match your needs. No matter what your style of skating you are sure to find great brands at an affordable price in our shop. Plus any orders over $99 qualify for free shipping!

Can you put any wheels on inline skates?

There are many factors to consider when trying to find the right set to match your needs. Skating surface, weight, and temperature are just a few details to consider. Most frames are designed to handle a certain wheel, whereas others can accommodate different sizes to grow with your skill set while you build your confidence on skates. To find what is recommended for your skate you can look for the two to three digit number printed on your frame. 

Can I put smaller wheels on my inline skates?

Each skate manufacturer will offer a range of recommended options. Keep in mind that if the wheels are too small the brake will engage on its own, which is a saftey issue. 

Are bigger wheels better on inline skates?

What could happen if I change my current set up for larger set than recommended? When going for a larger wheel set than suggested you risk the wheels rubbing on the frame and each other. 

Inline skating wheels for different skate styles

Each skate category has a certain size range of wheels, here is the breakdown:

  • Aggressive :55 - 59mm
  • Fitness: 90-110mm
  • Recreational: 70-90mm
  • Roller Hockey: 72 - 80mm
  • Urban: 80- 100mm

Skaters can quickly shop by using a menu sort to find the perfect wheel or click here. Be sure to follow us on social media!

Durometer ratings:

  • Aggressive: 85A, 88A, 90A, 95A
  • Fitness and Recreation: 78A, 82A, 84A
  • Roller Hockey: for indoor 72A-74A for better grip, outdoor rinks go with a higher rating
  • Urban:87A, 88A carries an amazing selection of brand named wheels to match your needs. We also have bearings in stock for when your skates need some maintenance. Click here to search for bearings. Shop with ease by using our menu filter to find the perfect wheel set up for you or click here

Can you ship my wheels directly to my address?

Sure can! Any orders over $99 enjoy free shipping. What if I need the items in my cart right away, will you rush ship? Absolutely, we also offer expedited shipping at an affordable price, to make sure you get the items you need to stay competitive. 

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