This brand started making rubber wheels in 1936, their technology replaced the wooden roller skate wheel. The grip of this new innovative wheel changed the way roller skates functioned by reducing slide and giving skaters more control of their quads. Since 1945 Sure Grip has established their name as one of the best skate manufacturer companies around. They are a pioneer in the skating industry, and were the first brand to unveil an outdoor skate. They have also continuously improved on roller hockey skates using new technology that set product standards in the industry. Their innovative use of supplies such as light weight aluminum, titanium, and magnesium allowed for quality product design. Their innovative products never cease to disappoint ensuring that the next generation of skaters will have quality quads to keep them rolling. 

When it comes to their roller derby skates Sure Grip recruited actual derby skaters to help design a line of speed skates meant for the sport. The next generation designs include the avanti magnesium and the avanti aluminum plate, these double action plates are engineered for power and stability. Sure Grip is more than a skate manufacturer, they are a trusted leader in the skate in the industry. They makes skates to match any style of skating. 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skater we have the Sure Grip skate for you. Sure Grip skates are a complete package with boot, plate, wheels, carrera toe stops, bearings, cushions, and trucks. No assembly required, they are ready roll straight from the box. There's free shipping on orders over $99! Use the filters on our menu search categories to find the perfect pair of Sure Grip quads to match your style. 

Are Sure Grip Skates True to Size?

Rarely is your shoe size the same as your skate boot size. Please follow the Sure Grip size guide to find the best boot size for you. Each skate manufacturer makes their sizing a little different, we recommend using each specific skate brand size tutorial before ordering a boot size. Filter on our website by boot size to find your perfect pair of Sure Grip skates. 

Do you carry Sure Grip quads in youth size range? We carry a full range of youth and men sizes in stock ready for shipping. Also, orders over $99 qualify for free shipping! 

Sure Grip Outdoor Skate Packages

Does Sure Grip make outdoor skates? What colors are in stock? What comes in an outdoor skate package? Not only does Sure Grip make indoor skates they also have a large variety of outdoor roller skate options and you can find them here at Depending on the model name you are viewing you might get the rock plate which are light weight nylon plates. The rock plate is a great alternative to an aluminum plate and you won't compromise on strength. Also included in the outdoor roller skate package are boots, carrera toe stops (adjustable toe stop housing), wheels, and the innovative double action truck. We have a wide color selection of outdoor skates in stock ready for shipping. Outdoor boots are designed to be more durable and high to offer more ankle support. also carries many colors of wheels for both indoor and outdoor skating. 

When skating outdoors be sure to clean your bearings often. What's a sign I need to replace my bearings? Roller skate maintenance is important, one way to tell if your bearings are out of commission is to spin your wheels. Fresh clean bearings will roll smooth, if your bearings are loud or one stops spinning right away, its time to replace them. Filter from our menu to search our name brand bearings on 

Roller Derby Skates 

Where can skaters buy Sure Grip derby skates? Interested in skates designed by derby skaters? Roller derby is the one of the fastest growing sports in the world, more and more leagues are forming every year. We've got the Sure Grip skates designed with you in mind. The Sure Grip action plate design is made to power through any bout. 

The newest line of derby skates released has a lower cut boot to allow for maximum flexibility, to handle any track you skate. Sure Grip quads were design to handle banked and flat track derby action.  Derby style skate package comes assembled ready to roll. Each skate package is complete with bearings, wheels, toe stops, boots, cushions, and trucks. Sure Grip makes derby skates to keep you competitive and here at we have them at a great price. 

Double Action Plate Design

What are the details on Sure Grip's plate design? Sure Grip offers an avanti magnesium and avanti aluminum plate designed with derby in mind. These aluminum and magnesium double action plates are able to handle speed while maintaining stability. Skates also come with a standard carrera toe stop but it is an adjustable toe stop. Is black the only derby skate color? Not at all, we have a wide platte of color options to choose from other than black, from glitter to pastel you are sure to find perfect color to match your unique style. We also have a nice selection of wheel colors at an affordable price. Try using a filter from our menu while shopping to easily find the items you need. 

Finding the Perfect Wheels

I have an upcoming bout on an outdoor track, can I use my indoor wheels? No, unless they are hybrid wheels which can be used both outdoor and inside. Otherwise you will want a wheel gummy wheel, that will allow you to roll smoothly over bumpy surfaces. Indoor wheels are meant to grip the smooth rink floor. Most skaters will have an outdoor and indoor wheel set. Some will even use a combination of wheels on each skate to get the best ride for them. 

You'll know if you have the wrong wheels, when you slide too much in your crossovers. Another sign you have the wrong wheels is that you feel like you are stuck in mud. Wheels can really make a big impact on your stride. carries a great selection of indoor and outdoor wheels to keep you rolling. 

New wheels and skates are released all the time.  Want to be the first to know when new skates and wheels arrive? Sign up for our mailing list, we'll keep you in the loop when new items arrive via email. Have a bout soon and need the items in your cart right away? Not to worry, we offer expedited shipping at a reasonable price. 

Protective Gear

Whether you skate outside or play roller derby, we highly suggest you wear protective gear to help prevent injury. carries name brand helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads to keep you safe. Our helmets are lightweight, moisture wicking, and very comfortable to wear. If you are thinking of joining a derby league you will be required to have protective gear. has a full range of sizes in stock ready to keep you rolling safely. 

Free Shipping!

Will you ship my new Sure Grip roller skate package to my address? Yes, we offer shipping at a great price.  In fact, enjoy free shipping on any order over $99! Need the items in your cart in a rush? No problem, we can rush ship your order at an affordable price. 

Used Skates

Another great way to save on skates is to shop our used skate inventory. You'll find that our used skate boot selection will have little to no wear at a great price. Be sure to search our used inventory often as product comes and goes. We offer shipping on used inventory orders as well. 

Customer Service

Can you help me add an item to my cart? Need help with sizing? Shipping questions? Not to worry, we're here for our skate friends. Let us know how we can help with your order. Ring our skater support line, our customer service folks are more than happy to help Monday-Friday 833.238.8800. Feel free to drop us an email  If you are local to the Metro Detroit area, please stop by our roller skate shop, we're always looking for more skate friends. 

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