Derby Roller Skates

What should I look for in roller derby skates? Are there derby specific quads? Will I have to assemble my new pair of skates? What color options are available? From beginner to advanced skaters has the derby roller skates of your dreams. We're here to support your search for the perfect set of quads.
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The main features of a roller derby skate are the boot, plate, and wheels. Boot materials will vary based on model, they will either be leather or vinyl. Plates will be metal or nylon. Wheels can be easily changed out to match the surface you skate on. We ship our skates ready to roll out of the box complete with bearings, cushions, and toe stops. At you can find a variety of skate styles and color options in stock. 

We know durability, maneuverability, performance, and price are factors skaters consider when shopping for new skates. offers quality derby brands to address all of your derby needs for an affordable price. We even offer free shipping on orders over $99! 

Roller Derby Skates for Beginners

I'm thinking of starting joining a roller derby team, do you carry beginner friendly roller derby skates? has plenty of beginner friendly skates featured on our site ready for shipping. 

Which material is better leather or vinyl? Shopping for boot material just comes down to personal style preference. The vinyl material used in derby skates is designed to be durable as leather. We carry brands that make both leather and vegan style boots at a reasonable price. At you can find skates in any color in a full range of sizes.

Is Riedell is the best derby brand? Riedell is a featured derby brand that makes models to match any skill level and style. Riedell has been in the roller skate business since 1945, they are most recognized in the skating community. carries a wide range of Riedell skates at an affordable price ready for shipping. 

Sizing a Roller Derby Skate

Is my skate size my shoe size? To get the best boot fit we suggest skaters review each brand specific size guide. As your shoe size is rarely your skate size. Some boots are padded more than others and will fit differently.  Need help in your search? Our customer support is available 833.238.8800.

Wheels for Rink Skating

I'm a new to roller skating, what's a sign that I don't have the right wheels? One sign to look for is that you are sliding too much in your crossovers, you wheels might be too hard. Also if you feel like you are skating through mud, your wheels are too soft. Most folks will have an outdoor and indoor set of wheels on hand depending on where they skate. Having the right set of wheels makes for a smooth ride. As a travel skater you have to be prepared to skate on any surface. 

Will you ship my skates?

Yes, absolutely! We can ship directly to your address. There's even free shipping on purchases over $99. If you need your items fast for an upcoming bout we offer reasonably priced expedited shipping to keep you on the track. 

Customer Support

Still wondering what size to order? Want to know what color skates we have in shop? Our customer support skaters are available to chat Monday-Friday 833.238.8800.

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