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Whether you regularly engage in intense roller derby matches or you’re new to the world of skating, we know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our large selection of Riedell roller skates! If you need a pair of Riedell artistic skates suited for to outdoor environments, you might want to take a look at our Citizen skates or our Celebrity skates. Both of these pairs have features that include quality soft lining and wheels perfect for use on rougher terrains. When you’re looking for Riedell roller derby skates, you should check out our amazing pair of Vandal skates, because they’re specifically built for that kind of environment. All skates come in a variety of colors and styles, so you’ll always find a pair perfectly suited to your personality. Browse our selection of Riedell skates for sale if you’re looking for a quality product that’s built to last!   
Riedell Wheeled Travel Bag
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Riedell 297 Womens Roller Skate Boots
Riedell Cruiser Roller Skate
Riedell Cruiser Roller Skate


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Riedell 125 Junior Roller Skates Boot
Riedell 220 Black Unisex Roller Skate Boot
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Riedell One Pack Skate Bag
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Riedell 395 Unisex Roller Skate Boot
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Riedell 395 Unisex Roller Skate Boot


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Riedell R-Fit Womens Footbed Kit
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What should I look for in a Riedell roller skate? What size Riedell should I buy? Do you carry Riedell roller skates in men's sizes? Do I have to assemble my skates? Great questions! Skates are made up of many different components, the main features are boots, plates, and wheels. 

Riedell offers a classic leather boot in both high and low cut. They also offer a synthetic boot option for our vegan skaters. Deciding which boot cut to go with depends on what type of skating you plan on doing. If you want more ankle support shop for a high cut boot, if you are looking for maneuverability go with a low cut boot. We'll discuss the various types of skate categories later and which boot cut is best suited for each. 

When it comes to sizing, we suggest following the Riedell roller skate size tutorial. This is will give you the best fit for this brand. What should a new set of Riedell roller skates feel like? New skates should feel like a new pair of sneakers, your feet should feel comfortable in the new boots. We have a full range of sizes ready to deliver directly to your door. You can also use our filters to the perfect size Riedell skates for you. 

No need to worry about skate assembly. Our skates will ship complete with boots, plates, wheels, bearings, and cushions all at a great price. What color Riedell roller skates are in stock? We have an assortment of Riedell roller skate colors ready to ship ranging from pink, blue, black, and everything in between.  


Do you carry Riedel artistic skates? Yes, Skates.com carries all categories of Riedell skates at a great price! What methods of skating can be done in this type of quad skate? This type of skate covers many variations ranging from precision, synchronized, pair dance, show teams, and single free skating.  

This style of quads will resemble an ice skate. Riedell designed theses skates to handle jumps and landing. The stability and ankle support of these skates sets Riedell apart from other brands. 

Jam vs Rhythm Rink Skating

Skating is a fun easy form of cardio, doing laps at the local roller rink is a great way to maintain a healthily heart. Why should I get a skate specific to my style of skating? Will it really make a difference with my skating? Each form of skating requires different movements that calls for specific needs, some moves will need more ankle support, whereas other will call for better cushion. Yes, it will make a difference in your performance and will help prevent injury if you have the right boot designed for your specific skate category. 

Jam was born from disco in the 1970's, now it is a mixture of break dancing gymnastics meets roller skating. Skates meant for jam skating are typically missing toe stops, instead they have toe plugs. Wait, there aren't any toe stops? Yup, toe stops get in the way of jam moves, a plug is basically a cover for where the toe stop should be. A few more differences with Riedell jam skates are low cut boots and small wheels. The small wheels allow skaters to change direction easily when jam skating. 

Rhythm skating is another form of dancing with sliding and shuffling movements. Similar to jam roller skates these skates will have a toe plug rather than breaks. The main difference is that these skates will have a high boot, giving skaters ankle support.  There are many different styles of skating, no matter what type of rink skating is your style Riedell has the roller skates for you. 

Roller Derby 

I'm thinking about joining my local derby league. What's a good Riedell roller skate for derby? Riedell makes several derby skates for beginners. Most derby skates will lace up all the way to the toes, and some will have a velcro strap to help secure your foot in place. Derby boots tend to have a little more padding than speed skates as they are specifically designed for the sport of derby. Riedell makes durable derby skates to keep you competitive. Skates.com carries Riedell quad skate models in stock at an affordable price.  We also carry protective gear on our site, ready to ship. 

Speed Skates

Do you have an upcoming relay? Want to improve on your time trials? Here at Skates.com you can also find an amazing selection of speed Riedell roller skates. These roller skates have low cut boot allowing for freedom of movement. These skates have a lightweight plate designed to reduce fatigue allowing you to focus on your stride.  Our filters can help you sort through skate categories to find your perfect match at a great price. 

Indoor vs Outdoor Skates

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor roller skates?  The main difference is the wheel durometer, when skating outdoor you will need a low durometer wheel. This is a soft gummy wheel designed to handle bumpy concrete surface. Whereas, a indoor wheel will have a high durometer meant for easy gliding on the smooth rink floor. Skaters will have a few sets of wheels to adapt to different surfaces. If it feels like you are skating in mud your wheel durometer is too soft, time to swap out your wheels for a higher durometer. Skates.com carries various types of wheels in stock to keep you rolling on any surface. 

Also when skating outside your bearings will get dirty fast. Be sure to maintain your bearings with regular cleaning. You can tell when your bearings need to be replaced when your wheels stop spinning smoothly. Not to worry though, we also have bearings in stock. Use our filters to find the best price on bearings. 

Does Skates.com deliver?

Yup, we'll ship your new roller skates directly to your door.  We'll even ship for free on any purchase over $99!

Just getting starting with Quads? Check out our Roller Skate Buying Guide.

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