Aggressive Inline Skates

What exactly is aggressive skating? There are many types of skating, this style of inline skating involves extreme freestyle tricks. Aggressive inline skates are designed to handle jumps, slides, grinds, along with hard landings. is proud to offer brands that keep you competitive at a great price. Experienced skaters to those just beginning can easily find their next pair of inline skates in our wide selection of high quality aggressive skates.
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Is aggressive inline skating still popular? 

Aggressive skating became popular in the 90's with skaters like Arlo Eisenberg, Jon Julio, and AJ Jackson grinding in California. They paved the way for this new sport, as more skills where developed so did the skates. These skaters set the stage for aggressive skating to grow around the world. Manufacturers took notice and started to design aggressive inlines that could handle extreme stunts.

Yes, aggressive inline skating is still popular. You will still see people out there freestyling inline stunts on the streets. While it the sport is prohibited in a lot of public areas, you can still find skate parks to grind at. 

Key components of aggressive skates 

What makes skates aggressive? The features of an aggressive pair of inlines are bearings, boot, frames, liners and wheels. Each of these items can be easily replaced should they ever need to be. Your boot liner will have thick supportive padding that will keep your ankle and foot in place. The liner will feel snug but shouldn't be tight. The hard shell of a aggressive skate boots are durable to perform extreme tricks. offers a great selection of skate brands at an affordable price and you can check out our aggressive skates buying guide to find the best fit.

What's with the small wheel size?

Why are the wheels small on aggressive inline skates? Does the wheel size matter? The wheels on aggressive skates are small by design. These wheels give you a lower center of gravity allowing for greater maneuverability. These small wheels are meant for tricks not speed. If you are trying to work on slides go for a hard wheel with a high durometer.  


Your bearings will need to replaced often in extreme skating. The hard impacts like jumping stairs can damage your bearings, but not to worry it's an easy replacement. We even carry a great selection of bearings at a great price for when your inline skates need some maintenance. 

Skate frames

There are a few different type of frames that are suited for extreme skating, including anti-rocker, flat, and freestyle. Each one offers its own unique advantage, it just really depends on what type of skating you plan on doing. Also keep in mind that ufs frames can be replaced with any ufs frame. 

What's the best aggressive inline skates for big feet?

I wear a size 14 sneaker, do you carry large size skates? Yup, here at we carry a full range of skate sizes. You will have no issue finding your perfect fit in our wide selection of skates. We have the best prices on inline skates to keep you at the top of your game. 

Wear protective gear while aggressive skating

With all the jumps and hard landing that you have planned in your aggressive inline skates we highly recommend protective gear. Extreme tricks can result in injury, even skaters with a well developed skill set tend to eat the concrete every now and then. When you are in the process of learning a new trick, or just skating in the streets you should at minimum wear a helmet. 

What is the price to ship aggressive inlines?

We can definitely ship your inline skates, orders over $99 enjoy free shipping! We also offer rush shipping at a reasonable price. 

Help! I have questions

Our skater support team is here for you, give us a call at 833.238.8800. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list for exclusive promos, drop us a line at 

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