Jackson Ice Skates

When your company was founded by a world champion in your sport as is the case of Jackson Ice Skates, your standard is nothing short of offering the best of the best. This global leader in figure skates knows what skaters need from beginner skaters to advanced skates for professionals.

Of all the figure skate manufacturers, the Jackson Ultima Skate Company, has set the gold standard for over 50 years. As a Canadian owned company, Jackson Ultima has its finger on the pulse of the figure skate community and is dedicated to providing the latest innovations setting the stage for the cleanest single jumps and double jumps you have ever executed.

2 Categories of Jackson Skates

1) Jackson Figure Skates

When Don Jackson won the world championships in 1962, he knew he wanted to share his passion for figure skating with anyone and everyone who wanted to skate. Since then, Jackson figure skates have blazed trails and popularized figure skating to be the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

2) Jackson Recreational Skates

Maybe your ice skating is just for fun, in which case the Jackson skates for you will have a softer boot. Skaters rave about the comfort and light weight Jackson builds into these skates.

The Jackson Figure Skate Package

As a package, Jackson skates combine the best of their designs in figure skate boots with the blade often thought to be uniquely light yet durable. Chances are, Jackson skates are the figure skates that are most in demand at your local rink by those skaters working on their double jumps and those just trying out their first single jumps.

Jackson Figure Skating Boots

Figure skating boots may look the same as yesteryear's, but at least with Jackson skates, materials are just as sturdy as always. But somehow Jackson figure skating boots are lighter without losing the support they are noted for. Jackson's innovations include a heat moldable boot.

U Shaped Cuffs

The now widely copied U shaped cuffs allow their figure skating boots to give skaters the flexibility they need. Generally, with wider toe areas and narrower heels, Jackson skating boots grip the foot firmly yet comfortably.

Cut Resistant Uppers

Figure skates that come apart easily are not a good investment. Jackson skates are designed to be used for years of ice skating as their figure skate boots can easily take it when a blade clashes with a boot.

Jackson's Blades

The chrome finish is the beauty. The proprietary metal composing these blades is the beast. 

Jackson ice skates blades can take the punishment of repeated jumps and high-speed spins. The toe pick has a unique crosscut to help you execute all over the ice.

What are the levels of Jackson skates?

The big decision is whether you need figure skates or recreation skates. Once this decision is worked out, you can then decide which series of Jackson skates is best.

Finesse Series

Jackson Skates Finesse Series

With models for women, men and kids, these are the perfect figure skates for those just beginning their efforts at doing tricks on the ice. While ready to use right out of the box, new owners of these Jackson skates should consider professional sharpening.

Some models feature an extra padded tongue for even greater comfort. 

Jackson Excel Series

Jackson Skates Excel Series

For girls and women, these Jackson skates feature upgraded blades and a stylish look. The Jackson Excel skates can make learning fun.

Mystique Series

Jackson Skates Mystique Series

For the serious or aspiring freestyle skater, these Jackson skates are made for those who expect the best out of their skates. With a serious look to go with the substantial blades, competitors should expect to impress everyone watching.

Artiste Series

Jackson Skates Artiste Series

The women who buy these Jackson skates have high standards. With top of the industry boots and superb blades, the skater wearing this line of Jackson skates approaches every trick like a pro: no compromise and full commitment.

Determining Size

Jackson has a sizing chart to help you get the perfect size for your feet. It is a very big deal to get the size right as there is little margin for error when it comes to the performance of figure skates. You should never guess when it comes to size.

What about Price?

Jackson skates are premium models. Yet their prices are in line with other skates that have premium blades and boots. 

Jackson is keenly aware of the competitive environment with ice skates so they are priced for a broad market. However, be sure to check out our clearance page as sometimes we can offer a special price. 

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Protective Gear

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