Ice Skate Boots

When it comes to comfort, ice skating boots are the most important part of ice skates. Everybody from a beginner to advanced skaters focus on this part to figure out what the perfect new skates look like.

A boot has several aspects and pieces that must be considered when shopping for new ice skates. Knowing how you will use your skates will be key to deciding on boots.

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Parts of an Ice Skating Boot

A Stiffer Boot for Figure Skates


The recreational skater wants a model built for comfort so that means boots that are less stiff. These are often synthetic materials that still supply support but feel much better on the feet.

The perfect pair of figure skates, however, has the highest level of stiffness to provide support during the tricks called for in figure skating. Therefore, figure skates will often be made from leather or material designed to act like leather.

A figure skate, therefore, is not as comfortable on the foot. They are considered skates for better skaters who can handle the combination of stiff boots and unique blades.

Padding in Hockey Skates


Ice hockey players need quick acceleration therefore these have just enough padding in front and back for protection from pucks and competitors. This combines well with a curved blade allowing for a smaller radius on turns.

Other Padding

Figures have shock absorbing heels, but hockey boots have less in the footbed to allow for the quick movements called for in the sport. Kid's models will often have insulating layers to help keep them warmer.

Binding Systems


For figures and hockey, the traditional lace up bindings create a very stiff and near custom fit. However, in recreational models, there often is a combination of buckles, straps and laces.


The convenience factor is key here. For those just getting out on the pond or rink for fun and family-oriented activities, their ice skate can take advantage of these systems and still have enough support to enjoy themselves. 

What About Colors?


While the traditional black and white continue to dominate as colors, there are more and more models that are giving consumers options they have never had before. There are even patterns and combinations that give buyers the chance to express their individual tastes and preferences.

Kid Colors

Kids especially, have all kinds of designs they can take advantage of, but adults are increasingly looking for options that are not traditional. Synthetics give manufacturers much more freedom to create unique designs that are tough to do with leather. 

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Protective Gear

Don't forget to get your protective gear including a helmet too. Having the right safety equipment is important for everyone - especially kids who may not even think about this.

Have Questions?

Most people do! Check out the educational material in our Learning Center which is full of valuable tips and suggestions for you to use while shopping. 

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