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Sidewalk skates and dance skates for outdoor roller skating. Rink skates have harder durometer roller skate wheels, while outdoor skates have softer wheels for grip on the sidewalk or the street. Womens lowtop roller skates are usually sized in mens US sizing even though they are in feminine colors, such as pink roller skates, purple roller skates and blue roller skates. Lowtop roller skates are generally meant for speed skating and skate racing. High top skates are considered artistic skates and dance skates. High top skates allow for more power from the ball of the foot, whereas Low top roller skates allow for more power from the ball of the foot. Harder roller skate wheels, 92 durometer or higher, allow for more slide on the roller rink floor. Softer roller skate wheels, 78a to 85a durometer, stick to the uneven sidewalk surface better and offer more control. A larger, more powerful woman skater would typically use a wheel at the higher level of durometer and a smaller woman skater would more likely skate on a softer wheel.

Fit-Tru Cruze Quad Iridescent Womens Roller Skates
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Roces RC1 Unisex Roller Skates
Riedell Cruiser Roller Skate
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Riedell Cruiser Roller Skate


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Vanilla Junior Code Unisex Roller Skates
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Pacer 429 LT Quad Cruiser Unisex Roller Skates
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Sure Grip Rebel Derby Unisex Roller Skate Boot
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Riedell 220 Black Unisex Roller Skate Boot
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Riedell 122 White Unisex Roller Skate Boot
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Riedell 297 Womens Roller Skate Boots
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Sure Grip Explosion Unisex Roller Skates
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Fit-Tru Cruze Quad Pink Womens Roller Skates
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Fit-Tru Cruze Quad TieDye Womens Roller Skates
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Fit-Tru Cruze Quad Silver Womens Roller Skates
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Pacer 429 PRO White Unisex Roller Skates
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Best roller skates for women

How do I find my perfect pair of skates? Well that depends on your style of skating. Skates.com carries a variety of skates to match your skating style and personality. The main parts of a skate are the boot, plate, and wheels. 

We carry the following styles of roller skates for women:

We have many skate sizes in stock in an assortment of fun colors. Whether you are looking a classic color or a bold fabulous color boot we have your next pair of skates.

Should I size up or down when buying new roller skates? Our experts recommend following each brand specific sizing guides. Each brand runs slightly different, its best to follow the measurement tutorials by brand. Your sneaker size might not be your skate size. 

Boots should feel comfortable, not too loose, not too tight, similar to a new set of sneakers. Keep in mind that all new boots will have a breaking in period. There are also tricks to get the perfect fit, such as changing your lace pattern. There are many different lace patterns that will allow for a better fit.

What roller skates are for beginners? That really depends on your budget. All women's skates are beginner friendly, it just depends on your price point. We also offer free shipping on purchases over $99! 

Indoor vs Outdoor roller skates

What type of roller skate wheels are for street skating? Skates.com has Moxi skates and Sure Grip in stock. When shopping for women's street skates go with a high cut boot, as they will offer better ankle support. 

The main different between indoor and outside roller skates is the hardness. This measurement is called durometer. When hitting the streets, you will want a soft gummy set of wheels. This will give a smooth roll on bumpy pavement. When skating on rink floor and sport court go with a higher number durometer. You have to see how the roll feels, if you feel like you are trudging through mud, that's a sign you need a higher durometer. This measurement can be found printed on the wheel well. 

When hitting the pavement we highly suggest that skaters wear protective gear. Skates.com offers lightweight protective gear and accessories to keep you rolling at an affordable price.

Roller Derby

I'm thinking of joining my local roller derby league. What is a good type of roller derby skates for beginners ? We offer the following derby skates ranging from Riedell, Sure Grip, and Vanilla. 

I have a bout in an outside rink, can I use my indoor wheels? We recommendation that you use a low durometer wheel when skating on pavement. This will give you a better ride over a bumpy surface. Most derby folks will keep a few different wheel sets as bout location floors will vary. Fresh bearings will also improve your ride. Skates.com carries several quality bearing brands to keep you competitive. 

Customer Support

Have questions while shopping? What to chit chat about women's roller skates? Our customer support team is here for you Monday- Friday 833.238.8800.

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