K2 Ice Skates

K2 knows winter sports. With their extremely popular skis, boots, snowboards, snowshoes and now K2 ice skates, these people really know how to get around in the cold.

The primary theme for the K2 brand is sustainability through longevity in every product they make. From K2 recreational skates to K2 figure skates, consumers can purchase their skating products knowing they will use them on the rink or pond for years to come.

5 Reasons to Buy K2 Skates

1) Research Based Innovation

With a 40,000 square foot research center, K2 extensively tests and prototypes all products. They take the time to acquire the information necessary to select the right materials and designs.

2) Comfortable Skates Your Feet Will Love

Super comfortable SoftBoot

Thoughtful details like Thinsulate linings keep your toes happy, warm and dry. Comfortable skates are especially important for the recreational skater enjoying a life with a passion for cruising and gliding.

3) Water Repellent Materials 

A boot that repels water - seriously? K2 materials research means their boots are great in all kinds of conditions. You will find the category of premier skates puts K2 at the top on account of the exceptional quality of materials.  

4) Binding Systems Provide Support

BOA System

Pay attention to your kids as they shop for skates. They want a product that is simple to get on and simple to take off. K2's proprietary BOA system means people of all ages can easily find their way in and out of K2 womens ice skates and K2 mens ice skates (and kids versions too.)

Oh, by the way, you still get that near custom size fit that is the gold standard for ice skate comfort. 

5) Stainless Steel Blades


Designed to last, a K2 blade made of stainless will make it easy for the professional to sharpen edges even after hour after hour of use. These are designed for maximum stability keeping you in contact with the surface whether cruising on your frozen lake or being aggressive doing laps at your favorite rinks.

And when you go to store them in your off-season places, the quality blade won't corrode or dull even if your storage places are not ideal.

Types of K2 Skates

K2 Recreational Skates

All of their models have the legendary SoftBoot and Stability Plus Cuff which the reviews have uniformly approved.

K2 Alexis Ice Skates

K2 Alexis without BOAK2 Alexis with BOA

This series has one model with the super comfortable BOA binding system and one without. 

K2 FIT Skates


The top of the line for a K2 recreational skate. Without a toe pick, these models make life great for everyone from an aggressive skater to people who are simply looking for an item that will help them get around the frozen surface of their choice.

K2 Figure Skates

K2 Figure Skate

Some people may have graduated from basics and want to do some simple tricks. K2 figure skates have an unusual SoftBoot whereas other brands choose to go with the traditional very stiff design for their figure skates. 

These have two options for you to shop. There is a model with the BOA system and one that does not have it. Instead, the latter has an innovative lacing system that is very user friendly.

K2 has chosen to apply their expertise to the category of skater who will request a recreational skate while still wanting to do a few spins and jumps. You can search long and hard for competitors in this space, but they still struggle to hit all the stated objectives.

What About Prices?

In a sign that K2 is truly engaged with their customers, their prices are really an extraordinary value. Be sure to see our sales page to see if any special values are available. If you find K2's, hurry to put them in your cart as these exceptionally high-quality products will not be there long.


If you have questions, our stellar customer service team is here to help you make the right decision for you. Information is also available in our Learning Center. Check it out!

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