K2 Inline Skates

K2 inline skates has been a well trusted brand in the skating community since 1962. The West Coast company is a leader in innovation and is striving towards sustainability. One of their main initiatives is to reduce the use of harmful chemicals while increasing their use of recycled materials.

Skates.com is proud if offer K2's at prices that won't break the bank. With several options to save money, you're sure to find the perfect skate model to fit your budget. We have great variety of K2 skate  sizes in stock ready to ship. Plus orders over $99 qualify for free shipping! Let's be friends, follow us on social media!

Can I lose weight inline skating?

There are numerous benefits from spending time in your skates. Skating is a efficient cardio workout and is safer on your joints than running. This is a great exercise to maintain your endurance while in the off season from other sports. On average a 30 minute skate burns approximate 260 calories. Skating is a easy family activity, plus it's more fun than going to the gym!

Is K2 a good skate brand?

K2 is one of the most innovative inline skate brands on the market. The brand is known for their soft-boot technology, which allows skaters to roll in comfort straight from the box without a break in period. These skates rank high in both comfort and fit. 

The K2 urban model inline skates have frames designed to be responsive to city terrain. K2 aluminum frames are also light weight to help reduce fatigue to help you skate longer. K2's speed inlines come in different versions as well and are great for marathons. Runners also find cross training in inlines beneficial to maintain their endurance. Beginners tend to start with a pair of recreational skates as they offer stability while finding your balance. Review the inline categories to see which one aligns with your goals. 

What is the boa lacing system?

Depending on which version of K2 skate you chose it may have come with the Boa lacing feature. This closure system alleviates many problems of traditional laces. Skates with this type of closure can be easily put on and removed quickly. The dial mechanism allows for quick adjustments if needed without adding weight to the boot.  Boa technology was designed to give skaters control to find the perfect boot fit and lock in the support needed without worrying about laces loosening or being too tight. 

Sizing my K2 skates

Do K2 inline skate sizes run narrow? Your feet are not the same exact size, the fit of a inline skate will feel differently on each foot. New inline skates should feel snug without squeezing your toes. Skaters with narrow size feet tend to prefer the K2 brand as they give them a better fit. 

We suggest that you review K2's size guide to ensure the most comfortable fit. Be sure to join our mailing list, we'll keep you posted when new K2 skate models arrive in our shop. You'll be the first to know about upcoming sales and receive exclusive offers. You can always give us a call if you have any questions 833.238.8800

What is wheel durometer?

Both wheel size and durometer will directly impact your performance. What is durometer? This is the hardness of a wheel, the higher the number the harder the wheel, the lower the number the softer the wheel. The type of wheels you need depends on what type of surface you skate and skating style type. 

Not to worry, Skates.com has wheels for all skate categories in our store, ranging from recreational to speed and everything in between. You are sure to find a set of wheels to match your needs at a great price in our shop. 

Does wheel size impact my speed?

Yes, if you are looking for speed and distance, go for a larger wheel size around 90 to 110mm.  If you are looking for more maneuverability, then go for smaller wheel size. Quick sort on our menu to find wheels that will help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions or need support we can also be reached at info@skates.com

K2 bearings

We also carry K2 bearings for when your skates need some maintenance. If you plan on skating a lot outdoors or practicing jumps, you'll need to replace them sooner rather than later. Bearings tend to get dirty fast when exposed to outdoor elements. Skates.com offers K2 bearings at a great price, sort on the menu to search our bearings selection. 

Signs that your bearings need attention

What is a sign that my bearings need to be cleaned or replaced? You'll know it's time to clean them when your wheels start to stick rather than roll. You might even hear your bearings making a grinding noise. If your wheel doesn't spin at all you have a flat spot on your bearing, its time to replace it. It's best to keep some bearing cleaner on hand, an extra set of bearings wouldn't hurt either. Not to worry we have all the items you need to keep your K2's in the best shape as possible. Plus we offer free shipping on orders over $99! Follow this quick shopping link to check out our K2 bearings

Want a great price on skates? 

Want another easy way to save money on your dream skates? Be sure to search our used inline skate inventory. You're sure to find skates that fit in your price range. Not only will you spend less on skates but our selection of used inline skates are in nearly perfect condition. Keep in mind that brands and sizing will vary, be sure to search our used skate page often as inventory is updated regularly. Search current inventory in store or sort by filter on the menu. 

Be safe wear gear

Protective gear is always a good idea, whether you are a beginner or an advanced level skater. Even well skilled skaters will take a fall. Speed, aggressive, and recreational skaters that enjoy taking their inline skates on the concrete will all benefit from wearing pads and a helmet. You don't want an injury to take you off your skates when it could have been avoided with the proper gear. 

K2 helmets

Skates.com also offers light weight breathable helmets. Our pads are designed to be moisture wicking to keep you comfortable in your skates. Helmets and pads are not gender specific in sizing. 

K2 helmets are certified for other sports as well not only skating, they can be used for cycling and skateboarding. Our K2 helmet models come in a range of color options, you are sure to find the perfect one to match your unique style. 

Will you ship my inline skates?

Sure will! We can ship directly to your door. Plus any orders over $99 enjoy free shipping. I need my new K2 skates right away, are you able to rush ship? Yes, our shop offers reasonably priced expedited shipping to get you rolling fast!

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Help! I still have questions

We know that shopping for new skates can be overwhelming, especially as a beginner. Not to worry, our skater support team is here for you. Please give feel free to give us a call, contact us at 833.238.8800 Monday-Friday with any skate questions. 

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