Best Roller Blades for Women carries some of the best sellers on the market. Our brands range from Fit-Tru, K2, Rollerblade, and Roces. In addition to rollerblades, we also carry bearings, frames, helmets, and protective pads to keep you on your wheels. Whether you are a beginner or are an avid skater you are sure to find your dream skates in our skate shop. Any order over $99 qualifies for free shipping!

Key features of women's rollerblades

I'm a new inline skater, what should I look for when buying a new pair of rollerblades? The main features of inline skates are:

  • skate type
  • boot style
  • frame
  • wheels

You will choose your skate type based on which style you are interested in. Boot style will also be designed to support your skate category. Boot material will vary by model, they can be soft or hard shell, made of a mixture of leather, polyurethane, or carbon fiber. Frame material will also vary, inlines will come with performance plastic frames, carbon frames, or metal alloy. 

You will also want to take your skill level into consideration when shopping for your next pair of inline skates. has full size range in the skate categories listed below, in a variety of different colors. 

Finding the right skate for you 

What are the different types of rollerblades for women? carries skates for the following inline skate categories:

  • Aggressive
  • Fitness
  • Recreational
  • Roller Hockey
  • Urban

How do I narrow down which is the right style for me? Deciding which style to start with can be a bit overwhelming. It really all depends on what your goals are as a skater. For example, if you are want to work on extreme tricks and jumps, then aggressive skating is you style. Aggressive skates are very durable skates that can withstand freestyle stunts. If you are interested in inlines that you can comfortably skate farther in at a moderate speed then fitness is your style. These speed skates will give you a smooth ride while training for long distances. 

What are the best inline skates for women?

Wondering that are some tired and true inline skate models? carries several best sellers currently on the market. Here are just a few popular models we currently have in stock ready for shipping. 

K2 Alexis 84 Boa Women's Inline Skate

If you are looking for a best seller fitness inline skate these skates will not disappoint! Great performance inlines for your cardio routine. This model has a zero break in period, they are comfy right out of the box. These inline come with the BOA closure system allowing you to lock in the perfect fit without having to worry about readjusting laces. Amazing light weight aluminum frame and soft shell boot design made to keep up with you. 

Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 90

The Maxxum Edge 90 is a hybrid inline that can be used for fitness, recreational, and urban skating. This model can fit the needs for several skill sets, they work great as intermediate level skates, while also suiting the needs for advanced level skaters. The combination of the molded boot with the speed frame and speed wheels allow this skate to cross over into multiple categories. Key features; hard shell boot, vented foot bed, shock absorbing liners, breathable mesh liners, 90 mm/85A wheels, and IQL-7 bearings. 

Rollerblade Macroblade 80

This model is the one of the most affordable best sellers made for beginner to intermediate skaters. The Marcoblade is a high quality skate that will keep up with you as your skill set grows. This is another hybrid skate that can be used for fitness and recreational skating. The frame of the skate is able to handle wheel size of 84 mm. Key features; aluminum frames, heel brake, 80 mm/82A wheels, and SG5 bearings.  

Rollerblade Macroblade 90

Looking for an extremely comfortable inline? Then the Macroblade 90 model is the inline of your dreams. This best seller has aluminum frames that allows for a stable power transfer. Skaters will enjoy a perfect fit with the closure type on this model which includes a cuff buckle, 45 degree buckle, and speed closure laces. Key features; high cuff boot, performance liner, 90 mm\84A wheels, and SG9 bearings.

Rollerblade Twister Edge 

In the market for a pair of urban skates? Rollerblade's twister edge for women is an amazing versatile inline. Skaters will enjoy the superior comfort of the foot-bed and the shock absorbing cushions in the heels. The shell and liner are both v- cut to keep your feet dry. This model is the perfect combination of fit, support, and maneuverability. Key features; aluminum frames, cuff buckle, 45 degree buckle, lace closure, 80 mm/85A wheels, and IQL 7 bearings. 

Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite

These rollerblades have made several best sellers lists year after year.  They are an amazing hybrid fitness and recreational style inline. The Zetrablade Elite's are a great enhanced beginner and intermediate level skate. The durable plastic frame gives skaters a lower center of gravity while offering increased stability. Key features of this model; soft breathable mesh boot, high cuff boot, cuff buckle, 45 degree buckle, lace closure, heel brake, 80 mm/82A wheels, and SG5 bearings. These inline skates are great for both rink and outdoor skating. 

Should my roller blades be snug fit or feel loose? 

Inlines should feel supportive not tight and not loose. Depending on the rollerblades model some skate liners require a break in period. Auto fit liners are made of gel and will form to your foot for a comfortable ride. Whereas, heat moldable liners will mold to your foot with every use.  

Does inline skating help you lose weight?

Yes, weight loss is just one of the many physical benefits from spending time on your skates. Inline skating is a fun low impact aerobic exercise, much easier on joints in comparison to running. Skaters will also notice higher endurance, core strength, and even mood enhancement. A 30 minute inline skate session burns approximately 260 calories!

Are roller skates or roller blades better for beginners? 

Is roller skating easier than inline skating? There are many opinions on this topic with strong arguments for each side. Even after long debates trying to figure out which skate method is easier, there isn't a clear answer. Everyone's journey is different, what is easy for you might not be for someone else. 

I want to learn how to skate but how do I decide which is the better option for me? Go to the local roller rink and test them both out. See which type of skate you have better balance with before you make an investment of buying new skates. If you decide roller skates are for you we carry Artistic, Jam, Outdoor, Speed, Roller Derby, and Rhythm style skates. 

What is the best inline skates for beginners? 

What if I liked inline skates in comparison to roller skates? What are the best rollerblades to start with? Recreational skates are the best sellers amongst new inline skaters. These are the best inline skates for beginners as they offer the right amount of ankle support to help skaters find balance while working on their skill set. As a beginner you should avoid uneven pavement and stick to a paved bike path to practice your skills, just until you are more confident on your wheels

Size adjustable inline skates for girls

Keeping kids in skates can get expensive fast while trying to outfit growing feet. carries adjustable inline skates by Alkali, K2. Micro, Roces, and Rollerblade. These are the best rollerblades to save money with in the long run as they easily adjust a few sizes to grow with your child. Click here to search our adjustable inline skates. 

Can inline wheel size make a difference?

Yes, both size and durometer will impact your stride and performance. Wheel size will impact your speed and maneuverability. What type of wheel should I look for? Wheels will vary based on what your skate style is. Fitness will have large wheels ranging between 90 mm- 110m for intermediate or advanced skaters. Larger wheels ranging from 100 mm - 110 mm are best sellers for racing skates or speed skates. 

Whereas, smaller wheels ranging from 80 mm -84 mm are best sellers for beginner to intermediate level inline skates. Small wheels are easier to maneuver around in comparison to bigger wheels.  The measurement of wheel hardness is called durometer, the higher the durometer the harder the wheel. 

Bearings for rollerblades

We also carry bearings, which are measured either by the ABEC system, ILQ or SG models. All models follow a similar ranking to each other, higher number bearings are better quality. However, not all manufacturers use the same ranking scale equally. An ABEC bearing that is ranked a 7 by one company might only be ranked a 5 with another company. 

How do I know if my bearings need maintenance? There are a few signs to look out for, noisy bearings or wheels that are spinning properly will need some maintenance. Not to worry, also carries bearing, check out our selection here

Skate smart, wear gear

If you are doing any type of city skating or speed skating you should wear protective gear including a helmet. Even advanced skaters fall, wearing gear is the best way to help prevent injury. carries adjustable, light weight, durable, moisture wicking pads and helmets. Our K2 helmets are some of the best sellers on the market as they are certified for use whilst skating, cycling, or skateboarding. 

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