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Is inline skating making a come back? Yes! Inline skating has become a very popular sport with several different categories. Where can I buy roller blades? is proud to offer classic brand name adult inline skates at a great price ranging from Fit-Tru, K2, Rollerblade, and Roces. We have many sizes in a variety of colors to match your unique style. Plus any orders over $99 enjoy free shipping! Be sure to follow us on social media and let's be friends!
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Will inline skating tone my stomach?

Can rollerblading help you lose weight?  Is rollerblading a good workout? Inline skating a fun easy way to stay active. There are numerous health benefits that skaters enjoy ranging from weight loss, muscle strengthening, stronger core, better endurance, and improved balance. Spending time on your roller blades will also enhance your mood. 

Can I learn to roller blade at 40?

I've been thinking about becoming more active by picking up rollerblading. Can adults learn how to rollerblade?  Don't worry about not knowing how to skate, many folks never learned how to skate as children. Skating is much easier on your joints in comparison to running. It's also a great skill to have to transition into other sports you might want to try. 

I'm looking for skate classes, any idea of where to find them? Many local roller rinks will offer a free lesson during certain all skate sessions. Also look for social skate groups in your area. Don't put your goals off for another day, learn to skate today!

Should I buy inline or roller skates?

I'm on the fence between learning how to roller skate or rollerblade. Which is better and easier to learn? This is a long debated topic without a definitive answer. There are several factors that will help you decide. First, you have to evaluate your goals as a skater. Do you want a certain skill set to transition into a sport? 

Aside from reading the pros and cons of roller skates verses roller blades, the best way to decide is to try for yourself. Head to the local roller rink and test drive skates to see which method feels right for you. Whichever type you decide on is here for you with a great selection of roller skates and roller blades brands ready for shipping. 

Sizing adults roller blades

Is my roller blade and shoe size the same? Rarely will the two be the same, every manufacturer's sizing guidelines will vary. We recommend you review the brand specific sizing guide to ensure the best fit. 

Do you carry inline skates for women? Absolutely! carries roller blades and roller skates for everyone, search our skates here youth, women's, and men's

Do you carry large sizes? 

I wear a 14, do you carry skates that will fit me? Yes, we have skates for all our skaters friends in many sizes in our store. We have some of the harder to find larger sizes in shop. Quickly search by using a menu filter to locate your specific size. 

How do I know if my inline skates fit right?

Some inline skates will require a break in period, meaning that skaters need to give the boots a chance to form to their feet. There are also some inlines that are ready right out of the box. You know you have a good fit when the boot is snug but not tight. Your foot and ankle should be supported and feel comfortable in the boot. 

What's your inline skate style?

Having the right kind of skate will enhance your skating experience by providing better stability, control and comfort. What kind of skating do you plan on doing? carries inline skates for the following categories:

  • Aggressive
  • Fitness
  • Recreational
  • Roller Hockey
  • Urban

Each type of inline skating calls for certain features, some inline skates are hybrid and can be used for a couple of categories. For example, if you decide to start aggressive inline skating you will need a pair of durable inlines with a frame design that can withstand hard landings and extreme stunts. Whereas, fitness skates are high performance built for speed and will offer more comfort to help you skate longer distances. 

What kind of roller blades are best for beginners? 

I want to commit to learning how to rollerblade, what is a good pair of beginner skates? Most new skaters typically start with a pair of recreational inlines. The boot shell will give you great ankle support while you build your confidence on wheels. These skates will also be able to keep up with your growing skill set. Once you become an established skater you may want to venture into other skate categories. Whether you are new or advanced has the gear you need to grow as a skater. 

Does wheel size matter?

Yes, wheel size and durometer will directly impact your stride. Larger wheels are meant for speed, whereas smaller wheels are meant for maneuverability. Durometer is the hardness of the wheel, which will vary based on skate type and skating surface. carries wheels, bearings, and laces in stock ready to ship. Be sure to get on our mailing list, to be the first to know about special promotions. 

Used roller blades

Want to make sure you love skating before you invest in a pair of inlines? Shop our gently used inline skate inventory. Many of the rollerblades show little to no wear with pristine wheels and bearings. Sizes and models will be limited but inventory is updated often. Search our current selection here

Be safe while inline skating

What are some recommendations to avoid injury while skating? Don't try moves that are too advanced or try to to reach a high fast speed you aren't ready for. Everyone progresses differently, don't push yourself by over training, that will put you at risk for injury.  

We also highly recommend the use of protective gear while on wheels, especially during any type of outdoor or speed skating. carries a full line of protective gear ranging from helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads. We have various helmet models that are breathable, light, comfortable, and moisture wicking.

Customer support

Help!  I have a few questions. Not to worry, shopping for the perfect inline skate can be overwhelming. Our skater support team is here to help Monday-Friday, please give us a call at 833.238.8800

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