Inline Skates for Women

Are you thinking about learning how to inline skate? Maybe you are an avid skater and are wanting to try another inline category. Whether you are just starting out or have been skating for years is the perfect place to find your next set of inline skates.
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Women's inline skate sizing

Is my street shoe size the same as my inline skate size? Your skate size will often differ than your shoe size. We recommend referencing the sizing guide by brand to find the best fit for you. Keep in mind that all new skates will have a break in period. Your new inline skate boots should feel snug and support your foot and ankle. However, the boot should not feel tight on foot, the benefit of the snug fit will give you the most out of the skates built in performance features. 

What is the best brand of inline skates for women?

First you have to decide what your inline skating style is. This is based on what your interest and goals are. Have you thought about what kind of skating you are interested in? Is your goal to join a sport, compete, or overall fitness? carries inline skates for the following categories: 

We have a full range of women's size inline skates in a variety of color choices. Any purchase over $99 enjoys free shipping!

Maximize your performance

Each category calls for different demands, you might need more maneuverability or a durable boot that can handle freestyle tricks. Skates are specifically designed for each category from frames, boots, and wheels, to enhance your performance. 

Inline skating for beginners

What are the best inline skates for beginners? New skaters tend to go for a pair of recreational skates. This type of inline skate offers stability while you gain confidence on your wheels. The durable boots also offer the right amount of ankle support to help you find your balance. 

Can you really lose weight rollerblading?

Does spending time on your skates really help you lose weight? Inline skating is a great low impact cardio workout that is much easier on your joint in comparison to running. On average a 30 minute inline skate session can burn 260 calories! Adding a rollerblade session to your regular workout routine will help you reach your fitness goals. It's also a fun way to reduce some stress and center your thoughts. 

How much are women's rollerblades?

Here at take pride in offering skates to fit any budget. You can also save money by shopping our great selection of used inline skates inventory. Many of these skates look brand new, and still need to be broken in. The sizes will be limited, so be sure to check back often as stock is updated regularly. 

Ice skates

Are you thinking of starting to learn how to ice skate? We have an amazing selection of ice skates for women. We offer some of the best ice skate brands on the market to fit any budget. Our skates are made for a smooth ride designed to enhance your performance. Quickly navigate to our women's ice skates here

Roller skates for women

Thinking about learning how to roller skate? offers skates for every skate category including:

We carry an amazing selection of roller skate sizes in a plethora of color options. Your feet will be happy in our skates. You are sure to find the perfect pair of roller skates to match your goals and unique style in our store. Plus, orders over $99 enjoy free shipping

Protective gear

Is wearing protective gear really necessary? Yes, your bones will appreciate you wearing gear, especially a helmet. Skaters of all skill levels fall, it's not a question of if you will fall, but more of when you will fall. Especially if you are trying new tricks or learning a new move, its better to just use the gear. 

Wear a helmet!

If you skate outdoors or speed skate you should really wear a helmet. If you attend speed classes or competitions, it is mandatory to use one. Our helmets are light weight, breathable, easily adjust with a strap, and some have a machine washable liner. Check out our comfortable fit helmets here

Inline wheel durometer

Wheels are a key component to keep in mind when buying new skates. Durometer is the measurement of the wheel hardness. If you plan on taking your inlines on the concrete, look for harder inline wheels, as they tend to soften on hot concrete and allow for a smoother ride. What is the benefit of a soft wheel? Soft wheels are known to give a skater a soft ride over bumpy surfaces.  

Does inline wheel size make a difference? 

Yes absolutely! Inline wheels not only come in different durometers but also different sizes. Recreational inline size typically range from 70-80mm. Larger sizes are meant for speed, whereas smaller will increase your maneuverability. 

All the wheels has all the wheels you need for your inline skates. Whether you are urban skating or enhancing your racing skates, we have the wheels in stock to keep you rolling. We offer great prices on our sets. Depending on your style of skating you might need to replace bearings more often than others, especially if you are doing tricks that involve hard landings. 

Can you ship my inline skates?

Yes! We offer shipping services to our customers. Any purchase over $99 qualifies for free shipping! If you need the items in your cart right away we also offer rush shipping at an affordable price. If you have any questions while shopping, we're here to help 833.238.8800.

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