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Skates for women, unlike some other sports products, are made just as well as those for men....just as strong, just as light, just as rigid. Rollerblade manufacturers their womens skates in true American women's sizes - a different foot shape altogether. The shapes of female feet also vary from size to size - you just don't put an extra fraction of an inch on the front. Usually, female skaters need slightly shorter skates for their foot size than the comparable men's sizing. There ARE, however, lots of tall, athletic women on this planet and often they fit better in men's sized skates. There, Rollerblade excels as well because Rollerblade uses a foot last that is distinctly 21st century and distinctly American. What wheel size is best? That's a question I hear all day long and my answer is this - how fast do you want to go and how high do you want to be? The taller the wheel, the farther up from the sidewalk the skater will be and the faster the skater can skate. But speed has more to do with control than wheel size. If a 110mm wheel is too tall for the female skater, she will (because women are smart) slow down and then what use is that 110mm --circumference. I am 5'7" tall and 90mm is the optimum size for me. Any questions? Call 415-377-3131 in English or 415-752-8375 en espanol.

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