Women's Inline Skates

Inline skating is a fun low impact aerobic exercise options. Skates.com has women's skates available in a variety of styles to meet your needs ready for shipping. Whether you are looking for recreational, fitness, or urban skates we've got you covered. Plus any orders over $99 enjoy free shipping!

Inline skates to match your style

What is the perfect pair of rollerblades for me? That depends on your skating style, and goals. Skates.com carries the following styles of womens inline skates:

We offer an amazing selection of rollerblades in women's sizes in a variety of color options to match your unique style. Our skates are in stock ready to ship, any orders over $99 qualify for free shipping!

Key features of inline skates

The main components of inline skates are:

  • skate type
  • boot style
  • frame
  • wheels

Inlines are designed to support each specific style, as each category has different demands. For example, racing skates are built for speed, whereas, aggressive skates are made to withstand hard landings. 

We have a great selection of womens skates built for performance without sacrificing comfort. Skates.com carries some of the best brands on the market ranging from Fit-Tru, Rollerbalde, K2, and Roces. We can also ship your new skates directly to your door. 

What are your skating goals?

There are so many skate styles, how do I know which is the right one for me? That depends on what your skating goals are. Do you want to learn how to do extreme tricks, freestyle stunts, and jumps? You will need the durability that aggressive skates can offer. Fitness skates offer stability and comfort during distance and faster speeds.  Are you interested in city skating? Urban style skates design offers maneuverability while skating city streets. 

What are the best inline skates for beginners?

I'm new to skating, what is the best inline skate for me? Trying to wrap your head around which is the best style to start out with can be overwhelming. Recreation inlines are a best seller amongst new skaters. They are very beginner friendly as they offer comfort and support while new skaters find their balance and build confidence on their new inline skates. Many of these models come with the Boa closure system, that gives skaters the control to lock in a comfortable fit

Women's inline skate sizing

Is my rollerblade size the same as my shoe size? Rarely are the two sizes the same, and each brand runs different. When trying to figure out your size, we recommend following the tutorial guides to help you secure the perfect fit. The liner of new boots will be very supportive, and should hug your feet without being too tight. Some skates have heat mold-able liners that will custom fit to your foot over time as you ride in the boot.

Easily navigate our site by using our filter feature to refine the skate selection by brand, size, price, and skill level. Be sure to join our mailing list by sending a request to info@skates.com.

Will wheel size impact my inline skating speed?

Yes, both wheel size and durometer will have a direct impact on your performance. Durometer is the measurement of a wheels hardness. Inline wheels come in a variety of different sizes and durometers to match your inline skate category. 

Recreational inline skates have a wheel size range of 70 mm-80 mm. Smaller wheels are easier to maneuver around in, whereas larger sizes are meant for speed.  

Wheels for racing skates

Fitness inline skates have a wheel size range of 90 mm-110 mm, which are intended for speed and are best suited for intermediate or advanced skaters. We also carry bearings in stock for when your skates need some maintenance. Shop by filter on our menu to easily sort for the perfect sized wheels. 

Inline skates for women on a budget

Want another way to save money while shopping for rollerblades? New to the sport but concerned about making the purchase? We also offer used inline skates in excellent condition. Buying used inline skates is an easy way to save, you are sure to find skates within your price range. 

Most of our used skates have little to no wear and still need the break in period. Keep in mind that items will be limited but the page is updated regularly. You will find great brands, definitely worth taking the time to search through. 

Will you ship my inline skates?

Skates.com offers shipping for you convenience, any orders over $99 enjoy free shipping. I need the items in my cart right away, do you offer rush shipping? Yes, we also offer expedited shipping for a reasonable price. 

Skater support center

Help, I have some rollerblade questions! Not to worry, our team is here to support you and help sort out your skate concerns. We are available to chat Monday-Friday 833.238.8800

Want exclusive offers?

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