K2 Womens Inline Skates

Is K2 a good brand for women's inline skates? Absolutely, K2 has been a well trusted brand in the inline community since 1962. The West Coast manufacturer is a leader in innovation when it comes to skate design. K2 is strives towards sustainability by reducing their use of harmful chemicals and increasing the use of recycled materials.
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Where can you buy womens K2 inline skates?

Skates.com is proud to offer K2 skates to fit any budget with several options to save money, you are sure to find the perfect pair for you. We have a great variety of sizes in stock ready to ship. Plus we offer free shipping on orders over $99! Be sure to get on our mailing list for exclusive offers by sending a request to info@skates.com

Are K2 rollerblades good?

Yes, K2 is one of the most innovative brands on the market. They are known for their soft boot technology which allows skates to be comfortable right out of the box. This is a brand ranks high in comfort and fit. 

Can you lose weight on rollerblades?

Weight loss is just one of the many benefits from spending time in your inline skates. Skating a great cardio workout that is easier on your joints in comparison to running. Skaters also enjoy a stronger core, higher endurance, and better balance. 

Want to talk numbers? A 30 minute rollerblade session on average will burn 260 calories! Adding a rollerblade session to your fitness routine will take your cross training to the next level. Sign up on our mailing list to get exclusive offers. 

Womens rollerblades K2 sizing

Some of the most commonly asked questions regarding sizing:

  • Are K2 inline skates true to size? 
  • Do K2 rollerblades run big or small? 
  • Are K2 inline's narrow? 
  • What should new skates feel like?

Your feet are not the same exact size, meaning that each of your skates will feel a little different. New skates should feel like a new pair of sneakers, they should support your ankles and feet without being tight. Skaters with narrow feet find that K2's work best for them as they give them a better fit. To ensure the best fit, we suggest reviewing the K2 sizing guide to find the perfect size for you. 

What is the hugely popular boa lacing system?

Certain models of women's K2 inlines will have the boa speed lacing system. This is a low fuss closure system that alleviates many the issues caused with traditional laces. 

Key features of the boa system:
  • easily tighten
  • easy on, easy off
  • allows for quick adjustments
  • control to find the perfect fit

The dial mechanism allows skaters to enjoy the ability to lock in the perfect fit for high fun skating experience. Be sure to follow us on social networks, and let's be friends!

Women's inline skates key features:

I'm a beginner, what do I look for when buying a new pair of rollerblades? The key features of inline skates are:

  • skate type
  • boot type
  • frame
  • wheels

You will also want to take your skill level into consideration when looking for new skates. Most new skaters start with a pair of recreational level inlines. These skates offer the right amount of support while beginners build their confidence on wheels. 

Here at Skates.com we carry some of the most trusted recreational level inlines on the market at an affordable price. The K2 brand continues to make the best sellers list year after year. The K2 Alexis rollerblades come in a few versions to grow with you as a skater. The K2 Alexis model offers a great combination of support and comfort. 

What's a good beginner wheel size? 

Wheels will vary by size and durometer. Does wheel size make a difference? Yes, wheel size can have a direct impact on your performance, speed, and maneuverability. Wheels will vary based on your skill level and skate type. 

Beginner wheel size to intermediate wheel size ranges from 80-84 mm. Fitness skating calls intermediate wheel size range of 90-100 mm. Larger wheels 100- 110 mm are meant for speed skates. Skates.com carries a great selection of wheels including K2 wheels for all levels ranging from beginner wheel size, intermediate wheel size, and advanced. Click here to find K2 wheels at a great price. 

K2 Alexis 84 Boa

This best seller beginner to intermediate performance skate will not disappoint, they are ready to go right out of the box. The Alexis boa comes with a speed lacing system that gives skaters the control to lock in the perfect fit. The rollerblade is a great cross training skate that can be used for both recreational level skate and fitness skating. Key features: ventilated soft boot, aluminum frames, stability plus cuff, cuff buckle, 45 degree power strap, boa speed lacing, 84mm wheel size with 80A durometer wheels and IQL 7 bearings. Click here to find K2 Alexis 84 Boa's at a great price. 

K2 Alexis 84 Pro

The Alexis 84 Pro version gives skaters amazing power transfer and stability. This is a great inline for beginners to grow into as they build their confidence on wheels.  This increased support performance skate is also suitable for fitness skating. Key features; aluminum frames, stability plus cuff, cuff buckle, 84 mm wheel size with 80A durometer, and IQL 5 bearings. Click here for more information on the K2 Alexis 84 Pro's. 

Save money, buy used K2 women's skates

Want a great price on your dream skates? Be sure to check our used inline skate inventory. We have plenty of barely worn K2 skates for women in our shop. Whether you are a beginner or advanced skater, you are sure to find a pair of rollerblades to match your skill level in our used inventory selection. Sizing will be limited, but you are sure to find great inlines at an amazing price. Check out our used skate inventory here or search by menu filter. 

K2 helmets

K2 also makes helmets that certified to be used in cycling, and skateboarding in addition to skating. This is the perfect helmet to use if you are cross training in multiple sports.  What makes these helmets stand out? K2 helmets are light weight, breathable, and moisture wicking, to help you stay comfortable.  

Skates.com carries K2 models in a variety of color options, you are sure to find the perfect one to reflect your unique style. We highly recommend the use of helmets during any outdoor skating, especially if you are learning a new skill. The best way to prevent injury is to wear protective gear. We also offer rush shipping at a reasonable price. 

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