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Is skating good exercise? Can you loose weight skating? Roller skating is a fun way to get in some cardio. There are many health benefits from spending time on your skates ranging from strengthening your core, building endurance, along with balance and flexibility improvements. Skating can even help with weight loss goals. Plus it is a great way to alleviate stress.
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Jackson Excel Womens Figure Skates


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Jackson Mystique Womens Figure Skates
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Here at we have the best roller skates for women to help with all your skating goals no matter what your skill level. Beginner to advanced roller skaters are sure to find their next pair of skates in our shop. Orders over $99 enjoy free shipping

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Find your ideal roller skates

How do I find my ideal skate? What skates are good for beginners?  Well that depends on your skating style. Have you decided what type of roller skating you'd like to get into? There's several styles including  artistic, jam, derby, outdoors, speed, and rhythm. Each skate category has different demands, you might need a low cut boot or more ankle support. Some roller skates will not have toe stops but a toe plug. Plate material will also vary by model, they will either be metal, metal alloy or composite material.  

We carry trusted brands like Sure Grip & Riedell 

Sure Grip and Riedell make great beginner friendly skates to fit any budget. They are some of the best manufactures in the skate community. carries a full range of ladies sizes for each category in stock ready to ship. For sizing we recommend looking at each brand specific sizing guide, as sizes will vary. 

Outdoor roller skates for women

I'm interested in skating outside do you carry this style of quads? Sure do! Our women's outdoor skates are designed to be safe for outside usage. Our brands offer tough plates, durable high top boots, secure fit, and wheels meant for smooth glide on uneven surfaces. Quick search our outdoor skates here. 

Roller skate wheels

The durometer of a wheel determines how hard or soft the wheel is. For example, with indoor skates you will need a high durometer. Whereas, outdoor skating calls for a soft wheel with a low durometer,  as they are better suited for bumpy uneven surfaces. 

How do I know if I have the right wheels? What's a sign I should look out for? If you feel like you can't roll and are stuck in mud, your wheels are too soft, time to swap them out. Be sure to check out our wide selection of wheels for your quads. 

Roller derby skates

Thinking about joining roller derby? We've got durable derby skates for all skill levels from brands including Sure Grip and Riedell. Our brand name quads give you amazing control, and flexibility. Whether you are just starting fresh meat boot camp or are a seasoned vet, you're sure to find your next pair of derby skates in our shop. also carries bearings, cushions, wheels, and protective gear to keep you on the track. Most derby skaters will keep several pairs of wheels in their gear bag when skating new surfaces. It also wouldn't hurt to have a back up pair of laces as well. Don't let a torn set of laces keep you on the bench. 

Help! I need the items in my cart fast for an upcoming bout! No worries, we offer reasonably priced rush shipping. 

Inlines vs roller skates

Are roller blades or skates easier? This topic has been long debated and there isn't a clear answer. There are pros and cons to learning each method. Along with similarities and differences to each. Both are great methods of cardio and will help with weight loss goals. They both will also help build endurance. 

Find your style

How do I know which is easier for me? The best way to find out is to test them for yourself. When at an open skate session try and switch out mid session to see which is easier for you. Keep in mind the rentals at the local rink are beat up and won't be in the best of shape. However, this test run will at least give you an idea what you like and what to move forward with. 

Ice skates for women

Do you carry ice skates for women? Yup, we have a great selection ice skate brands in shop with plenty of sizes in stock. Our performance ice skates are light weight and durable. Search by filter or click on the following link for more information on our ice skates for women

Safety first!

We carry a full line of protective gear ranging from pads to helmets. We highly recommend wearing a helmet when speed skating and while skating outside. Skaters will fall at any skill level, the best way to help prevent injury is to wear protective gear. 

Gear is mandatory in derby

If you are thinking about joining roller derby, keep in mind that it is mandatory to wear all the gear, wrist savers, elbow pads, knee pads, helmet, and mouth guard. Here's the link for more details on our protective gear and helmets.

I have some questions...

Help! I have still have some roller skate questions. Our skater customer support team is here to help. We'd love to talk skates with you! We're available to chit chat Monday - Friday on our customer support hotline 833.238.8800.

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