Skates for Girls

Skating is fun- period. So, when you are considering skates for girls the absolutely most important thing to think about is how can my child have the most fun in the safest way possible.

Kids aren't concerned about things like money or high end vs. budget skates for kids. They just want to go.

Crazy Skate Rocket Junior Roller Skates
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Crazy Skate Rocket Junior Roller Skates

Crazy Skate

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Dominion #715 Canadian Flyer Girls Figure Skates
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Dominion #718 Canadian Girls Figure Skates
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Crazy Skate Joey Junior Scooter

Crazy Skate

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K2 Marlee Beam Girls Adjustable Ice Skates
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3 Types of Kids Skates

1) Kids Roller Skates

Girl's Roller Skates

Both girls and boys enjoy roller skates (also called quad skates). Roller skates are easy to balance on and to start moving around the rink, and even more importantly, easy to stop. Adults like roller skates too!

2) Inline Skates for Kids

Girl's Inline Skates

Inline skates for girls or boys are a slightly tougher to learn, but skaters of all ages will find them better for an outside location as they are super easy to turn. You can really roll well on a bike path or a similar location. 

Family Skates

When buying skates consider these for the entire family including mom and dad. Adults will enjoy inline skates just like the kids.

3) Ice Skates

Ice Skates for Girls

In winter, a skate with wheels is completely impractical outside especially in colder climates. Girls and boys may find that their feet get chilly so look for a boot with insulation regardless of the ages of your children.

Safety Gear

All kids must wear a helmet. A junior skater might resist putting on a helmet but no matter whether it is ice, inline or a roller skate, this protective equipment is easily adjusted and should be non-negotiable every single time they put on the skates.

In addition, protection like elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads are always a good idea for children and grown-ups alike.

What are Adjustable Skates?

Adjustable skates for kids involve a very simple process to expand the fit for your kid's skates. This innovation to adjust skates will save you money as you won't have to buy a new pair every time your child goes up a shoe size (which seems to happen every 20 minutes when they get in a growth spurt.)

However, it is tough to shop for specialty skates that are adjustable. For one example, adjustable figure skates are virtually non-existent.

What About Price?

While parents ought to be aware of price, getting the right skate in the right size with the right features should be the top priorities. Look for deals on our sale page.

Questions About Kid's Skates?

Call us. Whether the question is about the shade of pink in a pair or about the kind of wheels in quad skates, our local staff is here to help. 

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