Mens Ice Hockey Skates

When the puck drops and the game is on, it doesn't matter if it is the NHL Stanley Cup Finals or a friendly game on a frozen pond where the stakes are a jolt of a favorite beverage: the spirit of competition is on. When you strap on your favorite pair of mens ice hockey skates you know you are in for a spirited contest.

But how do you know what is the right hockey skate for you? There are many factors in determining the best hockey skates, so before you take the ice, be sure to shop carefully for the right skate with the right fit from the right brand at the right price.

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How Ice Hockey Skates are Different

5 Differences from Figure Skates

1) There is no toe pick on ice hockey skates. Ice hockey demands rapid acceleration and turns. The pick gets in the way particularly when skating backwards on defense.

2) The blades on figure skates have extra durability (and can be heavy) on account of the jumps and spins that are standard parts of doing routines with confidence.

3) The boot on a hockey skate has an extra high back and front tongue to protect the lower leg from pucks and competitor's skates that fly around the ice.

4) A figure skate has more padding especially in the heel to act as shock absorbers. This padding would simply get in the way of hockey players desire to make sharp turns.

5) A hockey skate can be appropriate for beginners. A figure skate, with its severe toe pick and very stiff upper is very hard for beginners to use.

3 Differences from Recreational Skates

1) Hockey skates are built for speed and performance whereas recreational skates are built for comfort for the feet and support for the ankle.

2) A hockey skate boot will be stiffer, and the skate fit tighter. A looser fit will not enhance performance for those whose play demands rapid turns and rapid changes in speed.

3) From Junior to Senior hockey the binding systems in hockey skates are all about laces to get that tight, custom fit so valued by players. With recreational skates, you absolutely want ankle support, but you are likely to browse for skates where the foot will be supported by buckles or straps.

What is the Best Hockey Skate Brand?

The best of all worlds is available to those who search for great ice hockey skates. There are several brands with the features desired when shopping for these skates.

Roces continues to be a popular brand. But don't overlook Bauer and CCM as you shop.

What About Price?

While price is always a consideration, it is more important to shop for the features and quality you demand in a skate. We do sometimes have sales so be sure to see our clearance page where options move fast.


Given that hockey is a demanding and physical sport it is certainly worthwhile to have price as a secondary consideration after durability and support. Quality of the blade is critical as periodic sharpening will be required.

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