Girls Skates

When Sarah Hughes won the Olympic Gold in women's figure skating in 2002, it marked another major achievement for American women in sports. But young ladies also enjoy putting on girls skates with wheels on account of the fact that fun can be had on ice or at indoor roller rinks or cruising along on bike paths.

Jackson Finesse 180 Womens Figure Skates
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Jackson Finesse 180 Girls Figure Skates
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Roller Skates


Recreational Roller Skates

Recreational roller skates are the perfect skate for kids (and adults) to get started with roller skates. With great comfort and easy to use they have a helpful toe stop.


Artistic Roller Skates

A pair of roller skates can be designed for tricks and dance at the rink. A sign that you have the right roller skates is if they have little or no toe stop at the front.

Roller Derby

For girls and women who want the amazing thrill of competing, roller derby skates are the items you want. Incredible stability is their trademark.

Girls Ice Skates


Recreational Skates

For a child (or an adult) just trying to have some laughs at the rink, this is what you want to review and learn about.

Figure Skates

Girl's Figure Skate

Olympic figure skaters make jumps and spins look easy, but these are not skates for beginner girls or boys. They have laces to the top of the boot which makes them immensely supportive but not very comfortable.

Inline Skates

Girl's Inline Skate

For exhilarating exercise and amusement, it is hard to go wrong with an inline skate. Many light models make it easy to get from one location to another for every member of the family.

What are Adjustable Skates?

Adjustable Skates

A savvy customer will want a kid's skate to last. Therefore, makers of all kinds of skates make them adjustable for kids to fit well as they grow out of one size and into another.


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