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My go-to paddle

This is my go-to paddle whether I’m playing inside or out. As soon as I tried it, I knew this paddle was perfect for me. The grip is the perfect size for my hand and the ribbed handle stops my hand from slipping, unlike my other paddles. It’s lightweight and thin which makes it easy to control and allows you to adapt to many different aspects in a game. Overall, best paddle I’ve ever used!

X-5 and X-7 paddles

I'm a high 3.5 to 4.0 player. I was able to test the X-1, X-3, X-5 & X-7 new to market Vaught paddles. The X-1 & X-3 are very nice starter paddles in a lower price range and great for newcomers to the PB sport. The X-5 AND X-7 are the best values in pickleball. The state-of-the-art technology in both will improve your game to the next level. The X-5 will absorb more powerful hits and give you more control for placement and volleys at the kitchen. The X-7 will give you both with slightly more surprising power. The faces for both will help give you the under and over spin you normally won't get from other more expensive paddles. Get a hold of the these paddles before the price goes up. Buy two!

Love this Paddle!!

Great surface for drop shots and top spins. Little heavier than the X5, but full of power. Recently got it after testing several paddles and have played quite a bit with it. Average to advanced players will LOVE it as much as I do!!

Great starter/youth paddle.

Comfortable grip and stroke movement. Like the thin face

First Range Finder

So far, I really like how easy it is to use. My only complaint is you have to hold pretty still when getting a reading or the view bounces around quite a bit.

The best visor!

I really love this visor. Not only is it comfortable and has great coverage but it is so cute and fashionable. 10/10 totally recommend .

Versatile paddle for long and short game

This is your mid-capability paddle. Easy to adapt to the short dinking game and will allow the power player (banger) to return the hard shots. Handle will fill larger hands for a good grip and control. I am able to adjust quickly to the tempo of the game with this paddle.

Good control at the net (dinking)

I loved this paddle for dinking. Narrower grip for smaller hands with easier control and great paddle surface for ball placement. Great mid-weight paddle. I had great control (dinking) at the net with the X-Three paddle. Good balance and feel, solid construction.

Great Youth Paddle

Narrow grip for smaller hands allows for great control. I am impressed with the construction and will allow the whole family to have a quality experience.

Good paddle for recreational player

I am a once-a-week recreational pickleball player, adapting to this sport after playing paddleball at a very competitive level for many years. I recently tried the Vaught Sports 1, 3, 5 and 7. All were very good quality paddles and I was particularly impressed with the edge guards (may not be using the right term, the protective ring that runs around the edge of the paddle face). Very durable! I played outdoors and inadvertently banged the paddle on the cement surface…no damage to the guard. That kind of durability is important to me, a retiree on a fixed income who watches his expenses. As for the paddle, I liked it best of the four. I liked its “punchy” power and the grip felt really good in my hand (I especially liked the raised seams on the grip). It may have had less spin control than some of the others but I’m not one who likes to do a lot of spin stuff. I played several hours using all four paddles and chose this one because of its durability and how it suits my style of play.

Best entry level paddle I have seen

I really like the sturdiness of this paddle and the way the edge is bonded. This will tolerate some beginner abuse.

Great mid range paddle

For the player who is a year or two into the game, this is a nice step up from a beginner's paddle.

Nice paddle for the money

This is a well constructed paddle which plays very nicely. I'm a 3-3.5 rec player.

Excellent sturdy paddle

I had a chance to try all four Vaught paddles last week. I really enjoyed playing with the Vaught Seven. It offers great control, with just the right amount of pop. I'm a 3 to 3.5 rec player.

Love this paddle!

As a decent 3.5 player I love how this paddle gives me fantastic pop and the capacity to hit every shot from dinks to slams. The rookie pickleballer might struggle with this bad boy but for the rest of us, it is a cannon with finesse. This paddle is an absolute steal at this price and players should snap it up now before Vaught figures out they could raise the price and still sell a ton of them. Look out competition - Vaught is coming for you!

Great for Tennis Converts

If you are just getting into pickleball after years of playing tennis or other racquet sports, you can count on this paddle to really help in the transition. Great balance with enough power without sacrificing control over your shots. This would also be great as a second, upgrade paddle if you bought a cheapo paddle to get started in pickleball. Great price too!

Great Paddle at a Great Price

Perfect for the newer player who wants to improve their game. Good power and control. But the amazing thing is the price - way less than competing paddles. The quality and durability mean this will be your favorite paddle for a long time.

Nice All-Around paddle for the Intermediate Player

This is a really nice all around Paddle for an intermediate player. It allows for really good placement, great control, and the paddle has really good balance. I really like this paddle.

Really nice soft paddle

This paddle allows for placement of a nice easy accurate shot. The paddle allows energy from a really hard shot to be absorbed to give an easy return. If you really swing fast and need to take some energy off the shot, this is a great paddle. This paddle allows for really good control for placement, especially for hard shots.

Really nice Paddle

Construction of the paddle allows for a really powerful shot. The ball comes off the paddle very quickly. You can really put a lot of speed on the ball. Control of the ball is EXCELLENT. Shot placement is excellent. Advanced players really like this paddle!

Really Nice Paddle

This paddle has great balance and let's me return a powerful shot. The construction of the paddle allows for accurate ball placement and control of the shot. I am using this paddle now and it is helping my game improve.

Very nice paddle.

Had a chance to play review this paddle the other day (May 2022). Plays as good, if not better, than much more expensive paddles. Most players would never outgrow this paddle if this is the first paddle that they buy. I'm a 4.0 rec player.

Nice paddle

Had a chance to play review this paddle the other day (May 2022). This paddle is one of the best beginner values around. My first paddle only worked for me for about a month. I quickly grew out of it. A beginner concerned about outgrowing his/her paddle quickly will find this paddle a great value. Most players in pickleball will never be able to find a difference between this paddle and more expensive "high end" paddle. I'm a 4.0 rec player.

Very nice paddle.

Had a chance to play review this paddle the other day (May 2022). This paddle has one of the best playing faces I have ever played with. Love the response and access to spin. If it came with the same grip as the other Vaught paddles, this would be the best playing paddle in the Vaught line. The paddle has a smooth grip while the other three Vaught paddles come with a more cushioned ribbed grip. I'm a 4.0 rec player.

Great paddle

Had a chance to play review this paddle the other day (May 2022). This paddle is one of the best values around. If you want to play with a "players" paddle without breaking the bank, this is the paddle for you. It has the best combination of control, power and spin of any paddle I have played with. Looks like it will hold up over time and looks great too. Wish it came with a smaller grip. I'm a 4.0 rec player.