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What type of skate should you purchase?

The type of skate depends on what kind of skating you wish to do.

The skates we sell are divided into the categories below:

Inline skates (all wheels in a row of the skate frame)

  1. Aggressive Skates (trick skates with little wheels for grinding rails and stunts)
  2. Inline Speed Skates (larger wheels with a longer frame)
  3. Inline Recreational Skates (shorter frame with smaller wheels)
  4. Inline Hockey skates (for hockey or urban skating)
  5. Children's Inline skates (slower wheels and bearings)

Roller Skates/Quad skates (4 wheelers)

  1. Speed indoor roller skates (wider and harder wheels with a low cuff boot)
  2. Outdoor roller skates (soft wide wheels)
  3. Indoor roller skates (hard smooth narrower wheels)
  4. Jam skates (for roller dancing)
  5. Roller Hockey skates
  6. Children's Roller Skates (slower wheels and bearings)

Ice Skates (with a blade under each boot)

  1. Recreational ice skates (for those who want to do it for fun)
  2. Professional/Figure ice skates (for those who are passionate and serious)
  3. Ice Hockey Skates
  4. Children's Ice skates

Off-Road / Trail skates (big wheels resembling tires with traction)

Read more information in our Skating 101 Section.

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