Roller Skates for Women has the best selection of roller skates for women. We offer brands including Sure Grip, and Riedell, two of the most trusted names in the roller skate community. has the best selection of roller skates for women. We offer brands including Sure Grip, and Riedell, two of the most trusted names in the roller skate community. 

Plenty of sizes and colors

We have a full size range in adult skates in stock ready to ship. With so many fabulous color options you are sure to find the perfect set to match your unique style.  We are also proud to offer skates to fit any budget. 

What is the best roller Skate brand for women?

The best brand for roller skates depends on your skate style. carry skates for all styles ranging from artistic, derby, jam, outdoor, speed, and rhythm. Why should I get skate based on a certain style? For example, certain styles require high cuff boots, whereas some don't use toe stops. 

Which ever style you choose to explore we are here for you. We have a great selection of sizes in many amazing brands in stock and ready to ship. If you have any questions while shopping give us a call at 833.238.8800. Our customer support team is here to talk skate with you!

Roller skating to lose weight

Can roller skating help you lose weight? Yes! Weight loss is just one of the many benefits of being on quads. In addition you also gain core strength and build endurance. It is also a great way to maintain endurance while in off season of other sports. Skaters even find that spending time on their roller skates alleviates stress, not to mention that it's fun for all ages. 

Ice skates for women

Do you carry ice skates? Sure do! carries ladies ice skates in our shop. We even have adjustable ice skates for growing feet. Our hockey and figures skates are durable, light weight, and are made for performance. Check out our amazing selection here. Orders over $99 enjoy free shipping!

Outdoor roller skates

When skating outdoors you need a set of quads that can handle the elements and high cuff boots that will offer ankle support. You will also need a set of soft wheels, this will help you roll smoother over bumpy surfaces. What is a sign that I don't have the right wheel durometer? If you feel like you are trying to roll through mud, you need a higher durometer wheel. 

Find your ideal roller derby quads

I've been thinking of signing up for a roller derby boot camp. Do you carry derby skates? Yes, our derby friendly brands include Sure Grip and Riedell. These brands are leaders in skate manufacturing and have been a trusted resource for years.  

Whether you are a new to the sport or have a few seasons under your belt, you are sure to find your next pair of derby quads in our shop. We also carry protective gear, helmets, and toe stops in stock to help keep you competitive. Don't forget about picking up an extra set of laces!

What is my skate size?

I wear a 8 in sneakers, what size is that in roller skates? Should you size up in roller skates? Each brand runs their sizing a little different. We suggest using the size tutorials to ensure the best for you. Also keep in mind that new quads will have to be broken in. This needs to be taken into account when deciding if you have the right size. They should feel snug but not too tight, similar to new sneakers. 

Do you carry inline skates for women?

Yes, we have an amazing selection of rollerblades for women. What is easier to learn inlines or quads? This question has been long debated and there isn't a clear answer. Some folks will pick one up faster than the other. The best way to figure out which is best for you before investing is to try them both at your local roller rink. See which method feels right for you. 

If you decide inlines are for you, we have a amazing selection of recreational inlines. There are several inline categories ranging from aggressive, fitness, recreational, roller hockey, and urban. Beginners tend to start with recreational inlines as they are very user friendly. 

Customer support

Help! I still have questions. Not to worry, our customer support folks are here for you! We're available to chit chat Monday-Friday 833.238.8800. If you are local to the Metro Detroit area, please stop by the shop! 

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