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Fit-Tru Cruze Quad Silver Womens Roller Skates
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Pacer 429 PRO Unisex Roller Skates
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Pacer Revolution Unisex Roller Skates

Roller Derby

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Labeda 640 Unisex Roller Skates
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Labeda 640 Unisex Roller Skates


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Pacer Revive Lite Up Unisex Roller Skates
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Sure Grip Rebel Day Of Dead Black Unisex Roller Skates
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Riedell 395 Unisex Roller Skate Boot


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Jackson Elle Womens Inline Figure Roller Skates
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Best Roller Skates For Beginners

If you are new to the roller skating community, Welcome! Searching for the perfect pair of skates can be overwhelming. What key feature should I look for in roller skates? What size am I in roller skates? What are the best type of roller skates for me? Not to worry we have all the information you will need to find the perfect roller skates for you. 

Key roller skate features in order:

  • Boot
  • Plate
  • Wheels

 Your skate boot should be firm while offering the right amount of support. We carry both high and low cut roller skate boots. Plates will be either plastic or metal. The hardness of your wheels is based on the surface you plan to skate on. Your wheels will react differently on the waxed floor of the roller rink than it will on the concrete. The hardness of your wheels (durometer) will be higher if you skate in the rink. If you plan to skate in the outside you'll need gummy wheels with a low durometer. The durometer is printed on the wheel followed by the letter A. You will typically have a few sets of wheels to adapt to different surfaces. offers roller skates set up out of the box. Many skaters also tend to venture to other styles of skating. Keep in mind that existing quad roller skates can be modified to match your new style. 

The best advice for all new skaters is to just keep skating. The more time you spend on your quad roller skates the better your balance will be, and your confidence as a skater will grow. Even if you are only able to just roll around in your roller skates in the kitchen for a few minutes, that practice will improve on your skating skill set. 

What are the best roller skates for me?

Determining what type of skates would be best for you is based on what type of quad skating you plan on doing.  How and where do you plan on using your new skates? 

  • Artistic
  • Derby
  • Jam
  • Outdoor
  • Speed
  • Rhythm

There are a rainbow of different color quad skates to chose from in stock. Roller skate boot material varies by skate and brand, we carry leather and suede boots along with synthetic options. For our vegan friends, Moxi, Impala, and Riedell all make vegan roller skate options. Whether you are looking for glitter or classic quad skates at you are sure to find skates to match your unique style. 

What's my roller skate size?

How do I figure out what size roller skates to order? What should my foot feel like in a roller skate boot? Your shoe size may not be the same as your roller skate size. A new boot should feel similar to a new pair of sneakers, your foot should not feel restricted nor should it slide all over. For the best boot fit, we highly recommend to use the size guide for each brand of roller skates you are interested in as adult sizes may vary. Need roller skates for the kiddos? We've got adjustable roller skates that will grow with them. Have questions about sizing your skates? Not to worry, roller skate boot sizes can be confusing, good news is that our skate experts are here to help 833.238.8800.

Indoor vs Outdoor Skates

Can you roller skate outside with indoor wheels? Indoor wheels are meant for the smooth hard surface of the roller rink and will have a higher durometer, which is good for speed. Whereas, outdoor wheels have a lower durometer, this allows for shock absorption. There are also hybrid wheels that are designed to handle both. A fresh set of bearings will also make a difference.

Protective gear is highly recommended, we carry roller skate helmets, knee, elbow, and wrist pads on our site. Look for a high cut boot, as they offer more support when skating outdoors. carries outdoor skate brands ranging from Moxi, Impala, and Sure Grip. 

Roller Derby Skates

We have plenty of quad set ups for our roller derby friends out there. has a large selection of durable boots,plates, wheels, and bearings that won't break the bank. Whether you are a beginner to roller derby or are an advanced roller skater, we have a variety of quality quad roller skates. Brands of roller derby skates include Sure Grip, and Riedell. 

Have questions?

Need some help? What to chat about roller skates? Our skaters are available to offer support Monday-Friday 833.238.8800. 

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