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Quadline skates were first introduced to the world of skating by Skates Dotcom in 1996. We built them for skaters who wanted to skate on the playa at Burning Man as well as other non-paved surfaces. Skaters quickly discovered the speed offered by the 100mm wheels and the stability of the roller skate configuration of the trucks. Many skaters cannot use inline skates like Rollerblade skates because they cannot easily balance on one straight thin line of wheels. But they still want the speed and the ability to ride on rough surfaces with more ease than a traditional roller skate.
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Boxer Streamline Triumph QuadLine Boxer Skates Streamline Low-cut White

The New Advantage in Speed Skating Boxer QuadLine Streamlin.INLINE OUTDOOR WHEELS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY (NOT AS PICTURED)  Great for fitness workouts on skates

Ships in 24 to 48 hours
List Price: $209.99
Our Price: 199.00
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QuadLine Streamline Truck & Wheels Full Conversion Kit. QuadLine Streamline Full Conversion Kit non-wide suspension

QuadLine Standard Width & Wheels Full Conversion Kit.
Comes with Everything you need 4 trucks- 8 wheels- 8 axle nuts & 16 of Abec 5 bearings. For converting roller skates into Quadlines. Video

Ships in 24 to 48 hours
Our Price: 169.00
You'll earn 169 points
QuadLine Carol Sloan 90mm Streamline High-cut QuadLine Carol Streamline High-cut

NEW! Standard Width trucks for much better handling. Tightening the wheel base and bringing it straight under the foot combines the best elements of Carol's previous models- giving it the same pep and smooth roll as the Quadline Supreme AND the cornering and control of a traditional quad skate's slimmer width truck.

Ships in 24 to 48 hours
List Price: $379.99
Our Price: 299.00
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QuadLine R3 Streamline Low Cut QuadLine R3 Streamline Low Cut

QuadLine R3 Streamline Low Cut - R3 packaged with inline wheels to created a great outdoor setup to tackle just about any terrain.

Ships in 24 to 48 hours
List Price: $209.99
Our Price: 199.99
You'll earn 200 points

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