Mens Skates

When men think about fun ways to get some exercise, they often think about tennis, golf or pickleball. What they really ought to do is strap on a pair of mens skates and head for the rink (roller or ice) or simply roll on out on some inlines.

Low impact exercise is the biggest benefit to roller, ice, or inline skates. When you skate outdoors you also get the benefit of fresh air, sun and a movement break from that computer screen or smart phone.

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Roller Skates

Mens Roller Skates

Outdoor Roller Skates

When roller skating outside, you will want somewhat softer wheels unless your objective is for more speed.


The best roller skates for fitness will have comfortable boots and four wheels that can deal with the imperfections in pavement.

Best Indoor Roller Skates

The best roller skates for indoor use will depend on how you intend to use them. 3 examples:

1) Roller Derby

The key to roller derby quad skates is stability. Skaters have to be able to take contact and the best indoor skates for this activity will have very sturdy plates and highly rated bearings.

2) Artistic

When you do roller skate tricks, chances are you are on smooth surfaces where you are likely to have a sure grip on the floor naturally. While some ankle support is always a good idea, a skate that is too rigid may get in the way of the all-important maneuverability.

3) Recreation

When skating for a bit of enjoyment and some cardio work, the quads you want are focused on added comfort. These are ideal for many especially beginners.


Rollerblades for Men

Rollerblading wheels also vary by hardness. The type of rollerblades you need will also depend on the activities you will be involved with.

Off Season Use

Rollerblading is excellent for off season training for an ice skater.


Perfect for the beginner (or any skater) who wants simply to roll on down the boardwalk. Their feet will be happy with an inline brand making a supportive but not constricting boot.

Aggressive Park Skating

This style of skating demands a durable boot that will support you through jumps and grinds. This kind of rollerblading lifestyle is not typically for the true beginner.

Ice Skates

Ice Skates for Men

While some men will want the complete package of high-end skates if they are involved in hockey, there is more interest in being able to balance on some decent blades for the social aspect of skating that includes the after-skating activities like hot chocolate or some other beverage.


Look for blades with a moderate toe pick and browse for comfortable boots with easy entry and exit.


As you advance your skills, you may want to do some spins or other tricks. Here, you want the traditional high-top boot for maximum support.

Speed Skates

These specialty items are not really practical for anyone other than those directly involved in competitions.

Shop for Your Favorite Brand

When you shop, you know you will find a tremendous selection and a competitive price on your favorite skate brand like Riedell and many others.


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