Mens Aggressive Inline Skates

Mens Aggressive Inline Skates - MORE COMING SOON!

Have you been thinking about trying a new style of skating? Want to learn how to do tricks on your skates? You're in the right place! Aggressive inline skating is a skate category that involves extreme skating stunts ranging from sliding, jumping, hard landing, and grinding. We do our best to offer our skates at an affordable price.

Roces M12 UFS Mens Aggressive Inline Skates
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Razors Shift Camo Mens Aggressive Inline Skates
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Roces 1992 Malta Unisex Aggressive Inline Skates
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Razors SL Graphite Aggressive Inline Skates
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Remz HR 2.5 Mens Aggressive Inline Skates
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Why is it important to get a skate based on skate type? 

You need a inline that can handle what you are doing. Extreme skating is best done in a pair of aggressive skates, as they are made to be durable enough to withstand a variety of stunts. offers the best prices on aggressive inline skate brands. No matter your skill level, whether you are a beginner or advanced skater you are sure to find your next pair of skates in our shop.  We also offer free shipping on orders over $99!

Features of aggressive skates

What features make inline skates aggressive? The bearings, boots, frames, liners, and wheel type are just a few parts of aggressive skates. The type of frame you get should be based on what type of tricks you are working on. There are several options with stunt frames ranging from free style, anti rocker, and flat. Keep in mind that many parts of your inlines can be replaced and customized to suit your skating needs. 


Extreme skaters will have to clean and replace bearings more often. Bearings get dirty easily when skating outdoors. Also keep in mind that bearings can only handle so many hard landings before needed to be replaced. How will I know if my bearings need maintenance? You will know when your bearings start to get noisy or you'll notice a wheel not spinning the way it should. offers the best price on brand name bearings. 

Whats with the small wheel size on aggressive inline skates?

Does the small wheel size make a difference? Yes, the small size wheels are by design. The size of these wheels are meant to help give skaters a low center of gravity and greater maneuverability. This helps skaters when it comes to free styling extreme tricks. Also if you are trying to work on slides you should look for a wheel with a high durometer. Search our wheel selection by using a menu filter. 

Need a large size aggressive skate?

Help! I have big feet and am having a hard time shopping for a size 14, do you carry large sizes? Yes, we carry a full size range of inline and roller skate brands, in stock and ready for shipping. Search by size using our menu filter for easy shopping. Orders over $99 enjoy free shipping. If you need the items in your cart in a hurry we offer expedited shipping at an affordable price. 

Do people still inline aggressive skate? 

Is aggressive skating dead? Aggressive skating was popular in the 90's, but is it still popular today? Yes! Skaters are still out there working on their stunts. There is just more restrictions on where you can extreme skate. Many public places have prohibited inline skating in general. It's best to search for a skate park in your area. 

Wear a helmet!

Any type of street or aggressive skating calls for use of a helmet. No matter what your skill level is, we highly recommend wearing protective gear while aggressive skating because concrete bites.  At minimum wear a helmet, you can find a great price on our brand name helmets in stock.  

Will you ship my aggressive inline skates?

We sure can! Any order over $99 qualifies for free shipping. Need the gear in your cart right away? Not to worry, we even offer rush shipping at an reasonable price. Give us a call if you have questions while shopping 833.238.8800

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