Southern California is ground zero for everything related to inline skating. Since Alkali Skates is located right in the middle of it all, you would expect them to be innovators and leaders in the sport. And your expectations would be met.

And when it comes to inline roller hockey, Alkali roller blades have really carved out a market niche in which few companies can compete. Alkali inline skates makes everything from entry level skates to near custom inline skates you can bake at home to get that perfect custom fit craved by every hockey player.

Is Alkali a Good Hockey Brand?

Product Innovations

These advanced skates are specifically designed to optimize performance in the heat of hockey competition. 4 innovations make this possible.

1) Heat moldable uppers make for effective hockey skates. By reducing or eliminating gaps between the foot and the boot, aggressive players will find these skates to be exceptionally responsive to acceleration and turns.

2) A toe spring means you can really get your weight forward as you lean into directional changes and especially charging forward.

3) The forward pitch of the boot and the larger two wheels in the back mean you can't help but get that forward lean critical to speed and acceleration.

4) The flex tendon guard does two things well: protects the important back of the leg from unwanted collisions with flying projectiles and, at the same time, flexes to provide easier mobility during competition.

How can I make my hockey skates more comfortable?


1) Be sure you have the right size. Consult manufacturer's guidance for sizing information just to make sure you are starting out right.


2) Consider using gel packs in places causing pain. The front of the boot and the tongue can cause discomfort even in Alkali inline skates.


3) Be sure to lace up your Alkali inline hockey skates exactly as intended. The company takes great pains for optimum placement so you might as well take advantage of their expertise.

Heat Molding

4) Consider heat molding. While some prefer to simply break in their hockey skates by wearing them, there is no question heat molding will give you the perfect fit so desired by players everywhere. Be aware however, the consensus view is this process will mean the boot will not last as long.

Are roller hockey skates good for beginners?

It depends. With advanced, high end inline skates like Alkali hockey models, beginners will struggle with the extreme stiffness of the skates. Other inline hockey skates may have more flex to them and therefore be easier to learn in.

Consider however, that recreational or even fitness skates are more user friendly with soft boots and other features designed for comfort. 

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