Adjustable Inline Skates

Trying to outfit growing feet can get expensive fast: but not to worry. Rollerblade adjustable inline skates have become the go to fun activity for kids.

How does an adjustable inline skate work?

An adjustable inline skate works with the push of a button. Skates like Rollerblade microblade adjustable skates have markers in the toe to easily adjust skates to the correct sizes. Some adjustable inline skates can adjust up to 5 sizes!

Are inline skates easy for kids to put on?

Not to worry if your child is still learning to tie their shoes. Look for rollerblades where the boot offers plenty of support where the closure system works with a cuff buckle or Velcro strap to firmly attach the skate to the child's leg. A lace system will work for a secure fit in the toe area but is awkward for kids to use all the way up to the top of the boot.

Important Features

Wheel Size

This is a big deal as the wheel size will affect the center of gravity and the available speed. It is easier to go fast longer with a rollerblade with bigger wheels (over 72mm wheels).

A kid's rollerblade typically has bearings that will help keep speed under control. Purchasing larger wheels like Rollerblade performance wheels will allow a more moderate speed or even faster speeds in better quality skaters.

Importance of Center of Gravity

A lower center of gravity will improve stability balance and control. A smaller wheel lowers the center and keeps the child's weight close to the pavement.

Engineered Mesh for Breathability

Since the frame is metal, the boot can be a mesh or hard shell material. Manufacturers use mesh to build in support yet allowing skates to be free of the smells found in boys and girls shoes thanks to the ventilation provided.

The Brake

 A durable integrated brake is included in most kid related skates.

How do I know if my child is ready?

Can a 3 year old rollerblade?  There isn't a standard age of when kids can learn skating, but there are signs to look for to know they are ready.

 The first clue to look for is running without falling. Second, can your child balance on each foot individually? If the answers are yes and yes, both boys and girls can start whenever you think they are ready.

Find the correct size adjustable kids inline skate

Rollerblade sizing is based on a junior fit so that boys and girls standard recreational inline skate size and shoe size will be the same. Prior to making a selection we recommend you review the sizing guide to insure best fit.  

Reduce the purchase price

Want another way to save on the price of adjustable inline skates? Be sure to check out our amazing selection of gently used inline skates. Give your kids a chance to see if they like the sport before investing in a brand new pair of adjustable inline skates. 

Customer support

Here are we carry youth sized skates for every skill level. Whether your child is beginner, intermediate, or advanced you are sure to find their set of inline skates in our shop. 

Whether your favorite form of skating is on ice or land we carry a full line-up of skates for boys, girls and adults. Skating is fun on our roller skates too.

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