Key West Event Recap

Key West Skate Tour

Skate, skate and more skating, then wake up and do it again! Thank you Lindsey Koggan from Miami, Florida for getting us excited to skate and be active.

Starting Saturday, January 8th at noon, the Miami skate community invites all skaters to join them in Key West to do what they love, skate all night and wake up with their legs vibrating!

Seeing everyone excited and energetic throughout Lindsay's skate events has been inspiring to an ever growing skate community across the internet. Everywhere you look you see skaters inspiring skaters, whether it's a new trick, an awesome dance move or someone telling you to put on a helmet. The love and encouragement we have for one another is what makes these events special.

Lindsey K. hosts skate events each month. This month she is taking it to a new level with back to back days of skating, because we all know that just a few hours of skating is never enough.


Photo by @rollerskatevibes

Event Schedule


Skatepark Sesh | 12pm-3pm
Blake Fernandez Skate Park
3100 Flagler Ave, Key West FL 33040

Roam & Explore | 4pm-6pm
Mallory Squareand Truman Waterfront
400 Wall Street

Saturday Night Fever | 8pm- Midnight
Edward B. Knight Pier
White St, Key West , FL 33040
Disco themed pier night, With a late night Duval Street Roll out after


Roll At the Rink
Southernmost hockey club
Bring breakfast to the rink / wrap up, or stay the day in key west



How would you describe the skate events that you typically host and why did you choose Key West?

“Every event is different in its own way. Some have different themes and some have different faces and sponsors but every single time these events mark a safe place for beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters who just want to have fun and forget about anything that's bothering them. We are a skate community. All skates and all levels are welcome. It is hard to describe each event fully but I think many would agree that they are therapeutic, insightful and educational. It is literally free fun. I don’t know how else to put it. We have teachers, local vendors and sponsors who want to see us grow and we want to help them in return. When you skate with us you feel like you are part of one big family and that is why we are choosing Key West. Its time for a family field trip! This will also be our first traveling meet up and we are excited to mesh with the Key West community. We’ve incorporated a skate park session, a jam session and downtime to really make sure we appeal to everyone’s interests.”

- Lindsay Koggan -


This is a free community event you don't want to miss! So whether you're a beginner, intermediate or an expert in skating we hope to see you there giving it your all.

For more event details and other upcoming events. follow Lindsey Koggan.