Difference Between Skate Helmets

Difference Between Skate Helmets

Skate Helmet Info

There are basically two classes of helmets to compare:

  1. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) based on safety regulations impact standards.
  2. All other skate / bike helmets (which still protect your head) without this certification are made for style and comfort.

Here are some snapshots of the Protec brand skate helmet interiors. CPSC has a thick hard interior shell that is glued to the shell of the helmet. They come with extra fit liners that attach with Velcro whereas the other is a shell with even thicker but softer padding. Which one to use is up to you. From what we have see, they are matched in popularity.

CPSC Helmet Construction

CPSC Safety Helmet

Standard Helmet Construction

Standard Skate Helmet

Hardhat "Helmets"

Hardhats by law are technically NOT helmets and are NOT certified as such. Hard hats do not meet official California Helmet certification (CPSC) for youths under 18 in California.

Hardhat Helmet

Meet the Skate Helmets

The Ace Pro

The Ace Skate Signature helmets have quickly become the most recognized helmets on the street. Protecting the wicked minds of the best skateboarders in the world, the ACE is now equipped with SXP multi- impact technology, giving you the protection our top athletes demand. Complete with your favorites athlete's sponsor sticker sheet, this helmet delivers nothing but quality. (CPSC Certified) Colors: Bob Burnquist-Matte Black 46663, Bucky Lasek-Matte Grey 46658, Brian Patch-Electric Blue 46661, Steve Caballero-Red 46660 Sizes: Jr/S, M/L, L/XL

The Classic Bucky

The original Pro-tec 1970's helmet with Bucky's own personal styling. Multi-impact two stage liner, ABS shell, stainless steel rivets and soft tubular webbing. Complete with a sticker sheet of Bucky's sponsors

Classic Skate

Often imitated, never duplicated...that's the Classic Pro-tec styling! 2 stage multi-impact liner, tough ABS shell, stainless steel rivets & soft tubular webbing have set the standard in skate helmets.

The Classic CPSC

We've taken the timeless Classic Skate helmet and lined it with EPS foam for that added protection. CPSC certified to meet Uncle Sam's needs. Stainless steel rivets and soft tubular webbing complete the quintessential package.