Mens Roller Skates

Roller skating is a great addition to your workout routine. Spending time on your roller skates helps you build muscle, burn calories, and maintains a healthy heart. Frequent skate sessions will also increase your endurance and core strength. Do they make men's roller skates? Yes, carries a variety of men's roller skates. What's your style, artistic, jam, outdoor, derby, rhythm, or speed? We have a great selection in store and offer free shipping on purchases over $99.  Are you new to skating? Not to worry, we can offer support to help you find the right pair of roller skates to match your skill level.

What's the best roller skate set up for men?

There's several factors that play into finding the right skate for you. Boot cut, comfort, price, and quality, are all aspects to be considered when shopping for your new roller skates. carries both high top and low cut skate boots. When trying on high top skate boots make sure they offer the right amount of ankle support. Your skate boot should fit like new sneakers. We recommend that skaters follow the brand specific size guides as sizes may vary. 

Wheels are vary on your style of skating. Do you plan on skating outside? If so, plan to go with an outdoor wheels, they will have a low durometer, which lets you roll better over bumpy surfaces. If you plan to roll around in the rink, search for a higher durometer, they are better suited for smooth floor. 

Protective gear is recommended when skating outside. Concrete doesn't have the same bounce as hardwood floor. carries a selection of lightweight gear in our shop. Our in stock color selection ranges from classic black Riedell skates to vibrant colors. Whether you are a recreational skater or a skate competitively we have the brands in store to keep you skating. 

Which roller skates are for street skating?

When shopping for street skates look for a high cut boot, this will offer more ankle support. However, the main difference between an outside and an indoor skates is the wheel durometer. Skaters that want to hit the streets should look for a gummy set of wheels as they will have a low durometer. This allows for better shock absorption when roller skates go over uneven pavement. 

Roller derby skates

New to the sport of roller derby? On our site beginners can find quad roller skates at a great price. Riedell and Sure Grip are brands that make a variety of durable skates designed to keep you competitive. We also have skate accessories in stock ranging from wheels, bearings, and protective gear. 

Customer service

Are you in the Metro Detroit area? Come by the shop and check out our skates in person. Our skate team is available to chat Monday-Friday 833.238.8800.

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