Men's Ice Skates

When Wayne Gretsky strapped on his first set of men's ice skates while growing up in Brampton, Ontario, Canada few could anticipate that he would become the greatest hockey player of all time. Yet, thanks to his superior skills and hard work, he became the most iconic of all hockey players.

Chances are, your desire to find the best ice skates for you is because you are simply looking to join family and friends on skates in order to have fun, enjoy the sensation of gliding across a rink or a frozen pond, and afterward have that cup of hot chocolate as you gather by the fireplace. Finding the right pair of skates need not be complicated if you are interested in a few key details before your purchase.

3 Types of Ice Skates for Men

1) Mens Ice Skates for Recreation


If your skating interests are focused on fun, and especially if you are relatively inexperienced, your search will focus on comfort and support. Of course, your feet are important to you so finding the right fit for your skate is key.

Blades and Bindings

Many recreational models have a durable stainless-steel blade on account of this material's ability to stay sharp and corrosion free in the off season. Shop for easy on/off binding systems such as buckles and straps that will save you the sort of aggravation that can accompany lace up systems. 

Benefits of a Soft Boot

You can achieve a comfortable environment in a soft boot, but unlike with other models you probably aren't doing many tricks. These items often include an insulated layer for more warmth.

2) Ice Hockey Skates


You've picked up a few tips from friends along the lines that hockey is tremendous exercise and has competition that will matter to you. Perhaps you are skilled enough to represent your country in the Olympics (or you want to.)

Important Differences

A hockey skate is different in that they are built for fast starts and stops and rapid directional changes. As such, these items do not have any toe pick and very little padding except in the front tongue and rear.

The cuff is higher in the rear in order to protect you from flying objects and the stray blade from a competitor.

3) Figure Skates


You love the idea of spins and jumps so you need a more advanced skate that is very stiff and has a deep toe pick that initiates many of these tricks. While the size is important here as with every skate, the laces will conform the skate to your foot and ankle.

These are not typically for the complete novice, and you'll pay prices reflecting higher grade steel in the blade. Buy these after your skills move past beginners.

What About Price?

If you shop for features first and then for money, skaters of all ages should be pleased with the sort of price you can find especially if they are on sale.

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