Girls Ice Skates

Every year there is a winter Olympics, there is a huge increase in interest in ice skating. This generates tremendous demand for girls ice skates and boys ice skates too.

And why not? Kids are enthralled by the speed, dynamic spins and jumps and a bit of colorful pageantry they see across all media.

Parents, however, are wise to seek advice on what kinds of kids ice skates make sense for their children. This is especially true on account of the fact that kids grow up fast and quickly wear out everything that goes on their feet. Shopping for the right youth ice skates is a great idea.

Shop By Size

What are Adjustable Skates?

Most kids ice skates for general use will have the ability to adjust to their growth spurts. Most brands have a fairly simple system to get the boot to the correct size with buttons or screws.

Determining Size

To determine the right size in adjustable ice skates, start with their shoe size but measure for any adjustments as called for by the brand. The trick is to get a size that gives them plenty of support, can accommodate a sock, and do so without pinching. 

Some trial and error may be the sort of process suitable for getting this right.

Types of Skates

Recreational Skates


Most beginners and casual skaters do well in recreational ice skates. These are often where girls and boys begin their path to Olympic gold medal status.

Features like a quality stainless steel blade, a soft boot, and sturdy but easy to use straps and buckles allow for plenty of fun yet excellent stability and balance are found in the recreational ice skates category. 

It is hard to go wrong if you shop for recreational ice skates for girls who are relatively early to the skate world.

Figure Skates


Figure skates for girls are often what they will ask about first. And figure ice skates are indeed the right skates for performing tricks, but they may not be the right skates for beginning girls.

Figure ice skates have a better grade of steel in the blades to stay sharper longer and to take the punishment of jumps and spins. All skaters will need to sharpen the edges of their blades from time to time.

The Toe Pick

An important feature of girls figure skates is a sharp toe pick. This feature benefits those interested in jumps as they will help with loading the skater's weight on one skate. 

However, they are a disadvantage for learners who can accidentally catch that sharp pick in the ice resulting in spills.

Hockey Ice Skates

Girls are increasingly interested in child hockey traditionally dominated by young men. The incredible success of the US women's ice hockey team has really generated substantial buzz.


Hockey skates are different than other ice skates in that they have no toe pick but have higher than average cuffs in the back and with the tongue in front. Unlike most ice skates however, there isn't much in the way of pads (other than some ankle padding) as these players need to accelerate and turn quickly which pads can inhibit.

Other Details of Kids Ice Skates

A kid's foot will get cold easily so a quality insulating layer inside the boot is an excellent idea. Additionally, binding systems with components like buckles will simplify the process of putting them on and taking them off. 

But laces are the norm for figure and hockey skates and because they provide much more stiffness can help limit injury. Laces also provide more control and better balance (but much less comfort) in these more advanced activities.


As you search for quality brands, you will see that price can vary on account of the quality of the steel in the blade and other details. You can save money by finding a brand like Jackson or Gam you like on sale - if your future Olympian can wait to skate.

Questions? wants to help you with every aspect of buying ice skates. Our customer service staff is happy to answer questions about your purchase and help you sort through the options.

Also, our store has in stock a wide variety of roller and inline skates too. Don't forget to drop a helmet and protective gear into your cart too!

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