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Ever since Scott Hamilton won the Olympic Gold Medal for figure skating in 1984, boys throughout the United States have flocked to all kinds of skating. As a result, boys skates have flown off the shelves as parents encourage their kiddos to spend time in this fun and physically demanding activity.

Riedell Soar Boys Figure Skates
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Risport Star Boys Figure Skates


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K2 Raider Ice Boys Adjustable Ice Skates
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3 Kinds of Skates

1) Ice Skates

Recreational Skates

Recreational Ice Skates

Perfect for beginners, they emphasize comfort on the feet of children (and adults too.) Plenty of padding makes them easy to use.


This style of ice skates has no toe pick as that jagged front to the blades would get in the way of many hockey moves. Unlike other skates, hockey ice skates have an oversized, padded tongue and higher than average padding at the rear of the boot.

Figure Skates

These skates are not for the child who is a beginner on the ice. They are built for tricks like spins and jumps.

2) Roller Skates (Quad Skates)

Quad Skates

Perfect for those juniors where balance and falling are significant risks, roller skates are often used first indoors but roller skates are equally great outside.

Artistic Roller Skate

For those whose skating needs extend to the more artistic side of skates, shop for a pair of roller skates tailored for the specific activity. A quad for indoor rinks will have somewhat harder wheels that will still get a sure grip on the floor.

3) Inline Skates (Rollerblade)

Inline Skates


Inline skates make for a great family activity for kids, women and men too. There certainly are inline skates for kids and adults who are just looking for fitness and goofing around.


Aggressive Inline Skates

For the child or adult skater at the park, you will want specialty skates (inline or roller) to handle grinds and other tricks that are so hard equipment. The boy or girl at the park will want the full set of protective gear.

What are Adjustable Skates?

Other than specialty skates, many kids skates have an adjustable frame that can adjust to the growing foot. Too loose of a skate is not a good thing either so be sure to shop brands with the right size included in an adjustable skate.

What About Protective Gear?


Whatever your skating activity, inline, roller or ice, protective gear is important for every boy and girl. Helmets are required for hockey, but they are a good idea for all these activities - inside or outside.

Three other kinds of protective gear are important too:

Junior Knee Pad

  1. Knee pads: Especially important in the skate park due to all the tricks that entail some degree of risk.

    Wrist Guard
  2. Wrist guards: Really important for all kids doing roller or inline skating.

    Elbow Pad
  3. Elbow pads: Elbows are easy to bang so pads are also a good idea, and they are required for roller derby.

Protective Gear and Figures

On television, professional figure skaters rarely if ever wear protection. However, when kids are just learning tricks like jumps and spins, protective gear is advised.

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