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An Introduction to QuadLine™
with Richard Humphrey & Carol Sloan

The Birth of QuadLine™ Skates.
The name QuadLine™ is legally trademarked, we use the words "Quad line skates" because this is an undedited previous account of the birth of quad lining.

The inspiration began in Zurich, Switzerland in 1995.

I was standing in a movie line and looked up to see a young man skate/dancing on Quad skates down the sidewalk. It was beautiful as he casually skated past the movie line and eventually stopped to look into a store window. I was so appreciative of his grace and grandeur, I left the line and walked up to him to acknowledge his skill. While talking in mixed German and English, I noticed the he was using Inline wheels on his skates. I was blown away, and asked, why? He said they were more agile and faster then regular quad wheels and proceeded to skate off into the sunset. I stood there knowing that my skating experience was about to drastically change.

The next week I was in Nice, France which has this incredible 4 mile long wide paved board walk on the beach. As I was walking through the small streets near the board walk I found a skating store that rented skates. I quickly decided, "Today is the day I am going to discover the truth about this hybrid skate I encountered in Switzerland".

So I began, 1st renting a pair of Inline skates and then I went zooming off down the boardwalk. I paid particular attention to how they felt, turned, the bounce and flexibility in the ride, less effort required to move fast. Nice ride. After a good test run I returned to the shop and exchanged the skates for a pair of quads and off I went again down this incredibly beautiful boardwalk on the ocean front, sun shining, people laughing and, me gliding, wind in the face and again testing and feeling the ride. After a great skate I once again returned to the store.

I excitedly requested that they replace the quad wheels with inline wheels on the Quad skates. That's when the world stopped. It got very quiet and everyone in the store turned and stared. Eventually the shop keeper said "Are you sure?, Wouldn't that be dangerous?" I responded with my story of the young man in Zurich and everyone got curious. I had to sign a release waiver, then they went to work and soon brought out the hybrid skates. We all looked at how weird it looked. I put on the skates, tightened the straps and slowly, carefully stood up.

Well, it felt amazing, and off I went as everyone stared at my departure, maybe to never return again. All of a sudden I was going so fast, "Easy does it", I thought, as I explored the feeling of this new generation of skating. The Quads were so smooth, not the normal bumpy and stiff ride we skaters experience when your out of the rink and on the road. I was delighted by the new agility I found that surpassed both Quads, and Inline skates. Everything was quicker and more responsive with a bounce. I ecstatically carved my way down the boardwalk, smoothly, quickly and agilely, away I went. "Now this is fun" I thought, as the sun began to set and it was time to return to the skate shop.

As I entered the store everyone looked and smiled as they saw the glow on my face. I smiled back and we all knew that it was a brand new day for skating. I bought a pair of Inline boots and had them put on a quad truck with inline wheels. I picked them up the next day and continued my tour of Europe skating Piccadilly Square and any where else that would accept the rolling vibe of my new skates.

The research and evolution moved on from there. When I returned back to the states I continued to skate and eventually (2005) I felt encumbered by the stiffness of the inline boots. So, I pulled out my old pair of Merrill hiking shoes, got out my drill and proceeded to attached the quad truck with the inline wheels. It was a perfect sunny day in Tucson Arizona and I couldn't wait to ride this new hybrid. So I drove to my favorite parking lot and off I went and wow, I was free. The light weight shoes and freedom of my ankles gave me even more agility than before and those inline wheels wanted to respond. All of a sudden I was dancing with control and flexibility.

I then got the idea of putting all the skating domains together, so I purchased a really nice pair of Skateboarding shoes and attached the quad truck and inline wheels to the shoes. Now we have the super hybrid: Skateboarding shoes, Quad trucks and Inline wheels, all in synergy. Now, I have everything I had before, with the support and comfort of those skater shoes, and what a great ride!

The birth of a new industry:

Last week I decided to update my quad trucks and contacted Skates.com. Their master technician called to suggest an optional truck and in the process of our conversation I told him about my hybrid skates. He exuberantly said, are you kidding? Does it work? Is it good? No, Yes!, Yes! He called his guys to the phone and said you've go to hear this! He then exclaims "Do you know you have just started a whole new industry?" I said Whoa!!.

Two days later Lee Cole, from Skates.com, called me and said I've called Riedell and other manufactures and with their permission, we have put together a whole new line of skates, that we are calling "QUAD LINE Skates" for QUAD-LINING. He told me, "Go on the web at

http://www.skates.com/whats_new_s/53150.htm and take a look" And there it was, the first commercially available hybrid Inline/Quad skates. And they are beautiful!

He told me they are designing a full line of Quad Line skates and that yes, I was the "Father of Quad Lining" here in the United States. Thank-you and congratulations! Wow was I thrilled.

Well, I'm smiling, the proud owner of that first pair of commercial Inline/Quad skates, and once again it's a sunny day here in Tucson. Time to go skating.


Diamond Jameson is 59 years old skater, skier, snowboarder. He is a Human Potential Coach and Trainer for the Total Integration Institute, and he is an advocate for Whole Being Awakening, Life, Freedom and Peace.

QuadLine™ Skates for QuadLining

quad line skates

The Speed and Fitness Capability of Inline Skates

With the Comfort and Stability of Quads!

See the New QuadLine™ Endorsement Video Here!

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