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2008 Skorpion Skates Now In Stock and Stronger than Ever!
utilizes Dupont’s latest Zytel Polyamide resin which provides excellent lightweight strength. When combined with the Quadcoil Spring suspension and steerage system and chromed Hyper rims from Italy, it all results in a lightweight skate that gives genuine street performance.
New 2008 Skorpion Quadline Skate
Closouts Frank THEY'RE ALIVE!!
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Chicago Bullet
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Roller Derby Cobra
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Pacer Silver Streak
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Pacer Shaker Skates
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American Roller
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Our Price: $75.00
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PostureFlex Inserts

PostureFlex Shoe Insoles

3/32" or 1/8" Postureflex inserts

Skating, trekking, running, walking, etc. Thickening the sole of the right shoe with our "PostureFlex" insert will help equalize your stride by improving your posture. Posture always determines performance, even for walking. Non-compressing Insert is placed under insole of right shoe. Material is flexible non-compressing insert. We will cut to size! For a more comprehensive analysis of this product please read articles on www.postureflex.com

PostureFLEX Growth Inserts / Half Size Inserts

PostureFLEX Growth Inserts / Half Size Inserts provide you the growing room your kid needs and to prolong your investment value.
ADULTS: Use to Fill up a Half Size on Skates that Only Come in Full Sizes. Better Fit = Better Performance
GROWING KIDS: Buying skates / skate shoes for kids that are still growing can be challenging. You want to skates / shoes to last, but you don't want to buy kids skates and shoes that are way too big. PostureFLEX alleviates most of the problems. If a kid is a size 6 firm in his regular shoe size, then he would be a size 6.5 in aggressive skates. If you want the aggressive skates / shoes to last longer you will have to buy a size 7. This gives him / her some growing room, but now there is more room in the skate / shoe than needed! In order to pull the fancy tricks and grinds that aggressive skates and shoes are suppose to do, they need a TIGHT FITTING skate or shoe. The PostureFLEX super-fit inserts solve this problem. 2 PostureFLEX inserts are cut and fit below the footbed or liner of the skates. This tightens up the entire skate / shoe! Now you have a tight fitting skate that will respond better and feel better, making all the tricks easier to do. Once the kid grows again, simply lift the footbed / liner and take the 2 insert out of each skate. Replace the liner / footbed and off you go.

For a more comprehensive analysis of this product please read articles on www.postureflex.com

PostureFlex Inserts - For Good Posture & CorrectionKenny Marrs - 9 years old on QuadLine® Skates
Skates built for 9 year old child with a Leg length Discrepancy
Kenny Marrs - 9 years old


Lee, together we made it happen! Thank you! Please Thank your staff for attending to us, at Lackland Youth Programs, as we franticly called and bugged for the skates in an untimely manner. I believe we were destined to cross paths not only to make Kenny's dream come true but to test our selves and realize that WILL is a powerful thing. I have learned a lot about myself with in these few days and plan to turn over a new leaf. Back to Kenny! Kenny was ecstatic and full of joy. I will send you pictures ASAP so you too can share our happiness. Thank you again for ALL you did.

Remember You Always
Anita Guerra

Kenny Marrs

PostureFLEX Delron Disc Fabrication

Where There's a Wheel, There's a Way



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Quadlines In Ebony Magazine
  click one of the thumbnails above for larger view
See Part of the Actual Article Online at www.ebony.com
Ebony Magazine Quote from Richard Humphrey about skating and Quadline skates
Cheers! To all that Enjoy Quadlines!
Premier Rollerdance.com Instruction
A whole new feel of Smooth and Fast.

click one of the thumbnails above for larger view

www.QUADLINING.com | www.ROLLERDANCE.com | www.AKAGIUSA.com

Richard Humphrey in New York
This Weekend Saturday & Sunday July 14th & 15th
Central Park the Dance Circle at 72nd Street and Central Park West both Saturday July 14th and Sunday July 15th from 10:00 AM
. www.rollerdance.com
For more detailed information please email rich@rollerdance.com
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"I never thought I would say this but the new Quadlines are awesome, awesome. It's not inline skates, it's not a quad skate. That's why they called it the QuadlineTM. Theres no feel like it. You got to try it. - Richard Humphrey

""Quadlines feel good. The skate is solid, easy to balance and the glide long and incredibly smooth. Traditional roller skates can be slippery and bumpy but the QuadlineTM wheels simply roll over imperfections on indoor and outdoor surfaces."
- Carol Sloan Read On...


The Original and Innovator has a brand new line-up that will knock your socks off.


Bones Swiss LABYRINTH Bearings NEW
Bones Bearings has added a new 7-Ball Swiss bearing with double labyrinth, non-contact, removable, rubber shields to the line of REDS, Swiss, Super Swiss 6 and Swiss Ceramics. Each labyrinth shield fits into a groove cut into the inner race without touching the walls or bottom of the groove, so that dirt and water must go through a “labyrinth” or “U” shaped path to get to the inside of the bearing. The labyrinth shields are still removable for cleaning, but the skate time between cleanings is greatly increased. The Bones Bearing team of skaters who have tried these note that they are just as fast as ever, but are quieter, and stay clean longer. Bones Bearing factory testing confirms this. Read On...


LandRoller™ The First Major Innovation in Skating Since Rollerblade Popularized Inline Skates Boardwalks, bike paths, streets, country roads, cobblestones, single track, sidewalks, skate parks - LandRoller conquers them all. LandRollers have a patented, angled, out-of-line wheel configuration that dramatically improves and expands the skating experience for both novices and experts. They are called "out-of-line" because the wheels touch the ground on both sides of the centerline of the boots. . Read On...

Men's LandRoller
Women's LandRoller


and RED FO-MAC whew...nice! The Popular Shoe Line STACY ADAMS Goes Roller Skates
Stacy Adams and Men who know style have been a perfect fit for over 100 years. Founded in 1875 in Brockton, MA. by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams, the Stacy Adams Shoe Company has long been a part of American Culture. From the roaring 20's and the post war boom, to prohibition and the jazz era, Stacy Adams has been there. STACY ADAMS IS MORE THAN SHOES, THEY ARE NOW SKATES! See the skates...


Skateboards- & Longboards from out Sister site www.skatesonhaight.com

Outdoor Roller Skates - Great for Spring Recreation and Fitness.



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Special Newsletter Page

Richard Humphrey Endorses
"The Skate that Crosses All the Lines"
-The QuadLine™

Richard is currently traveling in Washington D.C area promoting the New QuadLine™ Skates
 The response has been very positive to this new skate experience, bringing a smile to the faces of first time 'Quadliners' worldwide. Outdoor skaters are raving about the effortless roll, speed and stability.

Read More on our Site
check out Richard's dvds
or the Instruction Video
how to start, turn & stop

Richard Humphrey
photo Saletta Coleman

Diamond Jameson
The Messenger Of QuadLining.
read more
Carol Sloan
Certified skate Instructor
Carol's video
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