A Message to You from Team Skates.com

Based in San Francisco California, we have been in the skating industry since 1975. Skates On Haight Inc started as a tiny hole in a wall with a cardboard counter and a shoebox for a cash register.
From its humble beginnings on San Francisco's Haight Street, Skates On Haight sold skateboards and rented out roller skates. It eventually shifted it's focus in the 90s to a mail order business via the skates.com domain. Today, skates.com ships worldwide to over 100 countries. We strive to give our customers the best prices on all products we carry. The internet and today's technology allows us to provide competitive prices driven by the customer's needs and by maintaining a lean and efficient staff.

The variety of skates we carry include the finest in skating equipment and accessories to provide you with the best skating experience. We cater to all levels of skaters, from the novice to the professional. All products we carry are carefully selected by our buyers based on over 30 years of experience in the business. We hope you like our selection of skates.

Products we carry: Roller Skates, Inline Skates / Rollerblades, Ice Skates / Figure Skates, Aggressive inline skates, Quadline Skates, Multi-Terrain Skates, Heelys roller shoes, Race and Speed skates, LandRollers, Children's Skates, Freeline Skates, Xlider Skates, Freestyle Skates, Inline hockey skates, Off road / Trail skates, Skateboards & Longboards, All types of Scooters, Skating DVDs, Snow Shoes, Inflatable Sleds, PostureFlex Shoe Inserts, Fitness Products, Golf Clubs, DJ & Hip Hop Products, Skate Protective Gear and Helmets + All types of Wheels, Parts & Accessories!
Brands we carry: K2, Rollerblade, Riedell, Roller Derby, Chicago, Sure Grip, Heelys, Quadline, Skorpion, Dominion, Radar, RW, Razors, Remz, Roces, Pro-Tec, John Wilson, MK, Gateskate, Powerslide, Bauer, Ground Control, Harbinger, Hyper, Kryptonics, Powell, Explore, Jug, Mogema, Pacer, Rock Skates, Tour, Skorpion Skates, Razor Scooters, Micro Scooters, 4x4, Adeo, Bell, Bevo, Atlas, Snyder, BSB, Labeda, S-One, Skubs Bros, Sonic, Xslider, Weber, Yak, Grind King and many more.
We have since diversified our portfolio to include other sporting goods. Please see below for a list of websites and brands we own:
www.skatesonhaight.com - Skateboards and Related Accessories
www.rollerskates.com - Rollerskate Store
www.rollerskates.org - Rollerskating Related Pics and Resources
www.outdoorgoods.com - Camping, Survival and Tactical Gear (in development)

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