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Includes Skorpion Quadline Video, Skorpion Multi-Terrain Video and Multiple Instruction Clips with Naomi Grigg.
All are in Windows Media Video format.

Skorpion iTunes Podcast URL (lets iTunes do all the work of downloading)

Download iTunesdownload iTunes

1. Open iTunes on your computer
2. Advance menu > Subscribe to Podcast
3. Copy and paste: http://www.skorpionusa.net/skorpion.xml
and then hit "Subscribe" it should immediatley display the videos.


Skorpion Quadline Video USA.wmv [download] Windows Media Player Format
Skorpion Quadline Video USA.mov [download]Apple Quicktime Format
Skorpion Multi-Terrain Video New Zealand.wmv [download] Windows Media Player Format
Skorpion Multi-Terrain Video New Zealand.mov [download]Apple Quicktime Format

Skorpion Instructional Skating Videos

Instructional Flash Video Player Link Here

Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player Format

000-IntroNaomi.wmv [download]
001-GettingStarted.wmv [download]
002-StoppingHeelBrakes.wmv [download]
003-StoppingT-Stop.wmv [download]
004-BasicTurning.wmv [download]
005-ParallelTurning.wmv [download]
006-Slalom.wmv [download]
007-SkatingBackwards.wmv [download]
008-MovingFwdBwd.wmv [download]
009-AdvancedSlalom.wmv [download]
010-AdvancedSk8Moves.wmv [download]

Quicktime Player (Apple)Apple Quicktime Format

000-IntroNaomi.mov [download]
001-GettingStarted.mov [download]
002-StoppingHeelBrakes.mov [download]
003-StoppingT-Stop.mov [download]
004-BasicTurning.mov [download]
005-ParallelTurning.mov [download]
006-Slalom.mov [download]
007-SkatingBackwards.mov [download]
008-MovingFwdBwd.mov [download]
009-AdvancedSlalom.mov [download]
010-AdvancedSk8Moves.wmv [download]

To DOWNLOAD: Right-Click the Link and "Save Target As..." onto a folder on your computer.
To Watch clips: click the thumbnails at the top of the page.
(Watching Clips by clicking Webpage may not work, Please Download first.)


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