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In Association with Rollerskates.com Jim Fitzpatrick (athlete) of San Francisco, California, sits down with interviewer Carol Sloan to give a detailed account of his lifetime involved in the sport of Roller Derby. From playing forms of the sport to being featured in commercials and being an innovative coach, Jim is the ARSD (American Roller Skating Derby) trainer and the General Manager of the San Francisco Bay Bombers. Roller skating's contact sport involving a banked track of roller skaters rack up points and create mayhem for spectators of all ages.

This is the Real deal from the man with decades of knowledge of Derby culture and information all the way from the depression 1930's to present day. Skaters featured in this episode from Ma Bo' Gash. Make sure to check out the section of Roller Derby skates on Rollerskates.com after the video.

Recently, (Sept 12, 2009), his team, the San Francisco Bay Bombers won the 2008-2009 ARSD Championships at the Cow Palace and also pushed for and eventually gained a broadcast on KOFY TV 20 which was a highly viewed highest rated show that day.

Stay Tuned for Part 2...

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