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QuadLine Carol Streamline High-cut
QuadLine Carol Sloan 90mm Streamline High-cut

The Mother Invention of Recreation

Gearing up to use QuadLine Skates in an upcoming marathon, Richard Humphrey found himself tweaking and tuning his Quadlines in ways he hadn't thought of before. He discovered that with only an additional quarter inch adjustment to the trucks they could accommodate the ferocious power of the 90mm wheels at a drastically reduced width. The Wide base of the old style Quadline had provided exceptional support and made cruising over even grates, cracks, and sticks easy as pie, but reducing the width to standard quad levels changed the whole game; Crossovers, sharp turns, and maneuvers of every sort were freed up of any constraint and the speed and dynamic of the 90mm setup only added to what was possible. Get ready for the next level of Quadlining!

Check out some of Carol's moves and how they mesh with a standard Quadline:

Now with the improved Streamline setup, the Sky is the Limit
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An advance in QuadLine technology has permitted the skate doctor to style a whole new approach to Quadline construction. The New Streamline model brings the wheel base directly under the skater's feet and dramatically reduces the length of the wheel base, which now performs SIMILAR to a standard roller skate truck. Cross-overs and step outs are the standard turning manuevers for the skate. Increased speed and smoothness introduced by the original Quadline is why skaters choose this skate rather than a traditional roller skate for bumpy pavement or long distance skating.

A unique and innovative Quadline skate from skates.com and Richard Humphrey. The incredible speed and ease of inline wheels and the ability to make any surface a smooth ride. This skate uses a rear brake or wheel braking for stopping.

Always use a helmet and protective gear when skating


- ZERO NUTZ OR ASTRO NUT BEARING COVERS To keep your bearings clean

Customer Reviews
  • REVIEW SNAPSHOT® of QuadLine Carol 90mm Streamline High-cut by PowerReviews Express
    Overall Rating 4.5 stars
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    Yes Votes - 4
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    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 5 stars - Great quality skates!
    Review Date 2009-05-21 - Helpfulvotes 1 - Unhelpfulvotes 0 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    These are a great quality skate. Also, nice smooth ride. I do recommend the back breaks for them, because once you get going, and you're on any kind of slope, it's hard to stop.
    Overall Bottom Line - recommended
    By - DaisyGirl77 from Taylor, MI
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    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 4 stars - Great skates...lousy shoe strings
    Review Date 2011-01-04 - Helpfulvotes 0 - Unhelpfulvotes 0 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    Just got my skates today and love them... [...] according to the measurement of my foot...I shouldn't have got the size I got. However, if I would have gone with the size of the length of my foot...it would have been too small [...] My suggestion is to go with the size of the normal boot or shoe that you wear. It seems a little narrow...but that could be because it's not broken in. Otherwise...they fit great.My one and only complaint is that the black shoe laces that came with it barely made it to the bottom of the hooks. I guess if you have a super skinny foot they might go a little higher. I am grateful that they added a pair of 100's in the box... They seem to be perfect. I just put one in on one of the skates and it appears that I will have plenty of lace to give my ankles the support they need. So...if you want colored laces...you might want to add a pair of colored 100's...or maybe even the next size up. [...] Tomorrow will be my maiden voyage outside. So far, they work great inside around the island in my kitchen. :)
    Overall Bottom Line - recommended
    By - Claire from San Antonio, TX
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    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 5 stars - Great skates for an old lady
    Review Date 2011-01-18 - Helpfulvotes 1 - Unhelpfulvotes 0 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    Love my skates... The height was somewhat scarey on the front end...but once I relaxed I was fine. Speaking of the height of the wheel... It can make it somewhat challenging to put my skates on. It's important to be sitting on a bench or the floor of your vehicle when you put the skates on. If you put them on while sitting on a curb..welllllll...let's say it's nearly impossible for a 53 year old to stand without killing herself. :)One other thing...the shoe laces.... Waaaaaaaaay too short. Thankfully they put in a pair of white 100's otherwise I would have been up doo doo creek without a way to lace my skates. Would love to see a thicker lace that's longer.Even with all of this...love my skates. I'll be out again today to do some skating.[...] best product for me.
    Overall Bottom Line - recommended
    By - Claire the 53 Year Old Skater from Boerne, Texas
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    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 4 stars - Nice but different from description
    Review Date 2012-04-19 - Helpfulvotes 0 - Unhelpfulvotes 0 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    These are smooth skates- like rollerblades but with the stability of quad skates. Now that I am 49, I appreciate the support of the boot and the quad stability. I think the Riedell 121 boot will last a long time; rollerblade straps have crumbled in my hands. The advice they provided on phone regarding sizing was accurate. I ordered the size 8 ladies boot, eventhough my ice skates (same boot) are a size 7. I am happy with the skates as is, but know that some of the features are not as advertized on the website. Mine did not come with following features: 'explore triumph wheels' which look like a standard feature, were in the picture (since changed) but listed as additional price; 'glitter laces' mine are plain white. I don't know enough to determine the other items: x-plate, abec-5 bearings, super x trucks, and rim bearing covers. However, they look sturdy and shiny underneath. I paid extra for the quadstop front break that is shown in the picture on the skate-to me implies included. Again, one picture was changed, but the one at top of this page shows the brake. I will mainly use at the roller rink, but work fine outside too. Mainly, I like to skate around in circles and these are more than great. The big wheels are certainly attention getters.
    Overall Bottom Line - recommended
    By - Lori from Plano, TX
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