Bones Super Reds bearings in 16 pack Regular 608 bearings.Bones Super REDS are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market for the price. In fact, we don't think any other bearing can challenge Super REDS until you get to the Bones Swiss pricepoint. What Super REDS are not, is just a REDS bearing with better super finishing (surfacepolishing). Super REDS are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better grade balls, and a superior surface finish. The result is a bearing that is as fast as REDS, but quieter, smoother, and longer lasting. Super REDS use a black shield and laser engraving to differentiate themselves from original REDS, and are packaged in a new red and gold 16pk box. Now, savvy skaters who usually buy REDS will get even better performance and value from Super REDS.Skaters who have been conned by false ABEC 5,7, or 9 ratings can be offered Super REDS for the about the same price.We think you will be amazed when you skate the new Super REDS, because they are very close to Bones Swiss for about half the price. In any case, whether you continue to choose REDS, or upgrade to Super REDS, they now have another Skate Rated choice, at a price point about midway between REDS and Bones Swiss.

In other News, See the new Bones Ceramic Super Reds


- IMPORTANT NOTE: This price is for 16 bearings only (enough for 8 wheels)
- Each package comes with set of bearings, pre-lubed with Speed Cream, instructions and a sticker.
- bearing spacers sold seperately