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Learn how to skate with our in-house certified instructor.

Skates Dotcom knows that picking the right equipment and having the right information the first time you skate is crucial. Many of the skates and equipment we sell have specifications and technical information that is important in suiting your skating needs. In addition we also have 30 years of being in the skating business and staff members with professional skating and athletic experience. Like they say "...its the skater not the skate"

To help you feel more comfortable and balanced while on your skates, we provide one on one lessons and group lessons for inline fitness to roller skate moves to make sure you get what you want from this multi-faceted sport. We teach safety, balance, control, dance moves and have seminars on posture aid and proper skate equipment. We have been teaching lessons for the last 20 years in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. If you are not a local check out the Rollerdance DVDs here: Skate Videos and read the articles on www.postureflex.com for a wealth of information we provide for you, for FREE!

Contact our in-house certified skating instructor CAROL SLOAN for an appointment!

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