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Learn how to try on the new skates you have just purchased.

Picking the right product the first time around is important when placing orders online. Many of the skates and equipment we sell have sizing charts and sizing information. But here is are quick step-by-step instructions on how to try on your new skates.

To ensure you do not return or exchange the correct pair of skates we would like you to follow the instructions below to prevent from shipping the item back and forth (hence wasting your money on shipping costs)

  1. Sit down and lace up and buckle both skates completely when you try them like you are going skating.
  2. When you are standing straight up, your toes should reach/touch the end of the skate.
  3. While standing up, bend your knees. Then straighten your legs and crouch down again. Do this at least five to ten times.
  4. When you are skating (while indoors on smooth or carpeted surface), knees should be bent allowing feet to slide backwards into heel pocket creating a tiny bit of toe room in the front.
  5. If the skates fit snug and your toes can feel or is touching the tip of the skate then you have yourself a pair of skates with the perfect fit. Congratulations!


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