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Carol Explains Different types of QuadLines

Roller skating is a performance art. For me, the joy of skating is about being seen, creating a scene, having my style and skills appreciated by others. Quadlines fulfill this desire even better than a traditional rollerskate.

On QuadLines

The New Skate Experience - By Carol Sloan

First of all, the skate itself is eye-catching, beautiful and unique. The wheels are so big that every maneuver may seem impossible to the viewer, yet there I am crossing and twirling, backwards and forwards effortlessly.

Quadlines feel good. The skate is solid, easy to balance and the glide long and incredibly smooth. Traditional roller skates can be slippery and bumpy but the Quadline wheels simply roll over imperfections on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Movement is so easy that very little energy is required to create a long glide. What is surprising is how responsive the Quadlines are. From the first moment I skated them I could do splits, all rex moves, up on my toes, back up on my heels, spin, and even grapevine. That came as an incredible surprise to me because Quadlines look as though they might not be able to handle dance moves.
Quadlines are fast because the diameter of the wheels are greater than a traditional roller skate or even most inline skates. This also means that less effort is required to skate longer glides. Since qualdines require a slightly longer axle, the wheels are farther apart therby creating a more solid base than traditional rollerskates.
I normally choose a boardwalk, a path around the lake or a wide flat area in a city park to show off my Quadlines. Whether skating miles along a bike path or on downtown sidewalks in a cross-city jaunt, wherever I use my Quadlines, people stop to watch and I smile.

Carol Sloan

**Carol Sloan, a roller and inline skater has been rollerskating and rollerdancing her entire life, beginning in a roller rink at age five.

A certified skate instructor, Carol has worked in the roller skate, inline and skateboard industry for over 30 years. She usually teaches at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and also gives private lessons to individuals.**

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