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QuadLine Supreme Truck & Wheels Full Conversion Kit
QuadLine Supreme Trucks & Wheels Full Conversion Kit. Convert your Quad Skates to 100 Inline Skate wheels.
Attach to Your Own Skates!

Creates a Large Wheel Box
with minimum surface area

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Product Code: QDL-100


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Quadline Supreme Trucks and Wheels Full Conversion Kit.
Comes with Everything you need 4 trucks, 8 wheels, 8 axle nuts & 16 of Abec 5 bearings.


WILL fit most double action 10 Degree plates
PowerDyne TRITON
Powerdyne THRUST
XK4 DA (double action)

WILL NOT work with
CYCLONE style plates (45 degree angle trucks)
PowerDyne Revenge
SNYDER all plates
XK4 SA (Single action)
NOVA (12 degrees)
CHICAGO (Only Works When Built by Our Mechanics)
SG JUNIOR PRO (wheels will touch on sizes)
Pacer Fandango

WILL NOT work on Chicago Bullet Plates/Skates



- These wider than normal roller skate trucks are more stable than regular roller skates for skating over imperfect outdoor surfaces. Large inline wheels navigate the cracks and small pebbles without getting caught and stopped. Large circumference wheels have longer glide than regular roller skate wheels and can provide greater speed with less effort.
Customer Reviews
  • REVIEW SNAPSHOT® of QuadLine Supreme Truck & Wheels Full Conversion Kit by PowerReviews Express
    Overall Rating 4 stars
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    Yes Votes - 3
    No Votes - 1
    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 5 stars - These Quadlines FLY!!!
    Review Date 2009-06-24 - Helpfulvotes 3 - Unhelpfulvotes 0 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    I live near a beautiful park in Buffalo, NY, and I have been skating there for several years - since I moved into my current place. I was using standard outdoor wheels on my Reidell speed boots, and they were OK, but the asphalt changes textures a lot, and there are always little stones and twigs to avoid. Eventually, my wheels and bearings wore out and it was more work to skate than it should have been. I already knew about the Quadlines from the Skates.com website, so I decided to try them. I ordered the conversion kit, and gave them a test run. WOW! They FLY! But they are agile, and I skate with so much more ease then I did with my old trucks and wheels. I can't wait to try them indoors - I know they'll fly even faster on an indoor surface. All I had to do was put the new trucks/wheels on and then lower my toe stop and I was set. I always got a lot of strange looks because I'm usually the only one in the park not wearing inline skates, but now I get even more looks, and people do stop and ask me about them if I'm putting them on or taking them off. If I'm skating, I'm moving too fast for them to do much more than a 'what the heck was that?' double-take!! I would venture to say I'm probably the only person in Buffalo with these wheels, but I have recommended them to several people. They have Roller Derby teams here, and I don't know if the quadlines would be legal or not, but I have told my friends who derby skate that these wheels rock! Thank you!!!
    Overall Bottom Line - recommended
    By - Karan from Buffalo, NY
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    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 1 stars - Over Before It Had Begun
    Review Date 2009-10-06 - Helpfulvotes 2 - Unhelpfulvotes 10 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    I was very excited about converting my roller skates to the Supreme Trucks & Wheels. They feel a little different so I thought I would practice in the drive way at home first to get used to them. While just standing and rolling them gently backwards and forwards, my left foot shot out, I hit the deck and broke my wrist. Just got out of the hospital after three days, I now have a permanent metal plate in my arm. [@]
    Overall Bottom Line - not recommended
    By - Still Healing from Australia
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    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 5 stars - Thank You-conversion kit worked GREAT!
    Review Date 2009-12-01 - Helpfulvotes 0 - Unhelpfulvotes 0 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    Overall Bottom Line - recommended
    By - Aigle from Oklahoma City
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    Individual Review
    Customer Rating - 5 stars - Quadlining is UBER fun!
    Review Date 2011-04-16 - Helpfulvotes 2 - Unhelpfulvotes 0 - Verfied Buyer? Yes -
    I bought my kit with the 82A/100mm wheels. The stock bearings provide surprisingly good roll, if slightly noisy. The wide stance and large wheels laugh at pavement vibration and small debris. You may click your rear wheels together at first when bringing a foot back in after a push, but a few sessions will make the adjustment automatic. The optional Quadline rear brake has very good stopping power and is very easy to learn (much easier than learning/executing heel brakes on inlines), and I recommend it, as well. Indoors, they glide with ultimate ease, though the wheels are a little too soft and bog down a little bit (my above-average size combined with 82A durometer may be factor, too); if you intend to use Quadlines indoors, I would encourage getting separate indoor wheels with 90+ durometer rating. I also found a hi-lo wheel setup (I went 110/100, 85A durometer) to be VERY comfortable as it provided an "artificial heel" that felt similar to my Riedell derby boot. All in all, great product for a very reasonable price. If there is one suggestion I would make: either more wheel choices, or the option to get the hardware only and buy wheels a la carte.
    Overall Bottom Line - recommended
    By - Lance from Warner Robins GA
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