B'Zerk Derby Skate Wheels Madman - 62mm x 44mm x 91a - Great for coated concrete/cement, wood floors, masonite, old sport tile. sold in packs of 4Full hollow core made with a hollow cap extending to the edge of the wheel which decreases weight (multiply that by 8 and your skate will definitely feel light). This is the team width wheel - great for balance. The 62mm diamter means a longer roll with each push. Aluminim hub feel withouth the weight or wheel separation (chunking). The extension of the cap also ensures a solid bond to the urethane and virtually eliminates the issue of "hubs or caps that pop off".


- Compound - High Quality
- Size - 62mm x 44mm
- Durometer - Blue (X-Grip ~91A)
- Hub Style - Hollow Core which extends to the lip
- lighter than aluminum
- Comes in packs of 4