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Heelys Wheels Sizing

Wheel Replacement Selection Guide

Locate the corresponding size below.
Wheel Applications / Replacements; Under the tongue of each shoe is a 4-digit Style Code.

Depending on the model, you may be able to quickly see which wheel kit you need by looking at the information molded inside the heel bracket of your shoe (simply turn your shoe upside down, remove the wheel or plug, and read the information).

If you do not see it listed in the bracket of your particular style of Heelys, please follow the instructions as follows:

Note: There are two factors that determine which replacement wheel you need: (1) style number of the shoe and the (2) size of the shoe.

For FATS models/wheels only, there is a third factor: (3) whether or not it's a men's or women's shoe/model.

  1. Lift up the tongue of your Heelys skate shoe to find the style number and US shoe size.
  2. Locate your style number in the left-hand column below, and scroll across the row to find the wheel kit # that matches your shoe size.

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